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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C20

Didn’t make it in time! Haha, got pulled into family stuff before I could finish. Anyways here it is, enjoy! Happy New Year!


Thickheaded Slime and Oversensitive Dragon





Well then, as for Yui’s retraining, what should I do I wonder.
I look at the one in question Yui. She for some reason is making a happy looking expression, and for some reason looking at me with an excited expression.

For some reason.
After reincarnating, regarding this little sister, since before there have been many things I couldn’t understand.
Right now it’s like that as well.

In addition, I have plenty experience with training someone from the beginning up to now having done it with thirteen people. However, retraining a party who was strong since the beginning––––that is to say correcting them is something I haven’t done.
What’s fine to do, I don’t understand at all.

What should I do, when I thought that I caught sight of everyone’s figure.
Somehow or another, having gathered at Crystal Tower Chris, Lucia, Karen, and Yurie, these four. Continue reading