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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C19

An Accurate Judgment





Today as well I met the morning in Yurie’s arms.
I the slime slept right in the middle of the bed, and almost as if treating me like a cushion, Yurie slept with clinging to me.

“N……no good……”
“What’s no good huh”

When I moved to slip out of Yurie’s arms, even though she was sleeping she reacted and gripped me tighter.
Not only her arms but her legs clung to me as well. Completely being a body pillow.
Well, whatever.
Sleeping stark naked Yurie’s body temperature is high so sufficiently lukewarm, what’s more is that I like lazing around on top of the bed.

Since reincarnating as a slime I’ve mostly slept outside, but when trying this as expected beds are nice.
Beautifully cleaned sheets, a soft and fluffy bed.
I think it’s the best thing within the inventions of humans. Even if the world falls into ruin, bed culture should be absolutely be properly preserved within a historic ruin and conveyed to the life to come is what I believe. Continue reading