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Dragon Knight and Big Mouse





In the center of the Deep Forest, in front of Mother Dragon.

The ordinarily dense magic further condensed into one spot.

The converged magic gradually materializes, becoming a giant crab.

A monster of the race Death Crab.

After four pair pincer crab completely materialized he bowed towards Mother Dragon–towards Kaa-san.

“You have my gratitude Mother Dragon.”

“It’s fine, this too is my role. I who is enshrined at the core of this Deep Forest.”

“Even so you have my gratitude.”

“All right,thank you for you consideration.”

The crab gives a deeper bow and departs from in front of Kaa-san.

With this all the monsters killed by the heroes raid have been resurrected.

Monsters killed within the Deep Forest can, as long as Mother Dragon is alive, be revived any number of times with the thick magic in the forest.

On the other hand if Mother Dragon is killed, the opportunity to resurrect will be lost and death shall be permanent.

The reason the monsters of this forest for intercepting the assault of the heroes is this. Continue reading