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Being Treated as a Child, Being Treated as an Adult

Hello~ In celebration of finishing my first week of translating and getting on Novel Updates, here’s an extra chapter!~ I had some extra time this week so I was able to get a good feel for how long it takes to translate and while I’m still not 100% certain, I think I can possibly do daily releases M-F. But if not, for sure 3 releases a week, that being M, W, F~ This’ll continue for a while so please stick around and read Ryu’s story with me. Thanks~

Also seems like aggregator sites already got to this, sigh I really liked seing the visitor count go up too~. Meh, can’t do much about it but:

Please read this release at https://xiose.wordpress.com/, Thank you very much~

Well then, I’m out for the weekend see you back here Monday.

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