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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C19

Hello! I meant to get this chapter out yesterday, but life decided to give me a killer headache so I couldn’t concentrate on translating.


Anyways! Happy New Years! I hope you’ll continue to read my translations in the year to come as well.

I’ll try to get another chapter out today, but no promises. Haha, well enjoy!!

Cleaning Up After Little Sister





Secret Crystal Tower.
Like always I was in a miracle fit in Yurie’s arms and in the middle of relaxing, everyone else were also spending time as usual.

Lucia is sitting straight in seiza close to the wall, and Chris is holding her knees and intently staring at the flower growing from a crack in the wall.
There seem to be heroes coming sporadically on the surface, but they’re of the level of having the tables turned on them the the monsters on the way, so I was able to do nothing and relax.

……I was able to but.

“Ne ne Yui-chan.”
“Don’t call me Yui-chan! I’m Mother Dragon’s daughter, a proud golden dragon ok.”
“Ehh, but Yui-chan’s cute, so Yui-chan’s fine isn’t it.”

Karen is entangled with Yui.
Karen is as usual, and Yui’s reaction is as usual.
The two are the same as usual, but as soon as the two got involved it felt like trouble. Continue reading