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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C27

One-Eyed Devilkin Jace’s Death





The traitor, One-eyed Devilkin Jace, had disappeared from the plaza before one knew.
He seems to abandoned his subordinates and escaped.
Probably, he plans to use the escape route and escape by himself.

I wanted to make him take a lesson from the White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair that I met before, but more importantly first capturing him is first priority.

––––though, there’s no need to purposely search for him.

From the time I infiltrated, I affixed small bugs that were familiars to that guy’s back.
I chant

There’s anti-transition magic cast on this town, but if it’s within that barrier’s range, then Transitionmagic can be used as well.

Seeing me who appeared at the escape route, Jace no doubt surprised.
His expression paled.
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