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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C24

Sorry about disappearing like that! I had planned to release a few chapters when I found time, but things got a lot more busy than I though they would. Anyways all that’s taken care of so things should go back to normal. Enjoy!~

Rite of Departure





The town of Ivalice, when I returned to my mansion I ordered Sati to bring me “Yuzuke”.

“Youzookeh? Is it?”

Sati stares blankly.
I see, there’s no way an other worlder would understand right.
Well, I’m sure a modern person wouldn’t understand either though.

Yuzuke is literally food with just hot water poured over rice.

I’m sure a modern person wouldn’t understand, but for the food known as rice, preservation isn’t effective.

Nowadays with a rice cooker you can eat warm, soft, and fluffy rice whenever, but in a world without electricity that’s not going to happen.

Usually rice cooked first in the morning will be reused throughout the day.
As such you end up eating unappetizing rice that’s dried out at night.
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