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Hero Rush





“Ah mou! Why are these heroes coming!”

Deep Forest is experiencing a Hero Rush today.

Heroes have been invading incessantly since morning, and the monsters of the forest are busy intercepting them.

It’s the same even in the weakest forest, the eastern forest. For the most part the quality of the heroes is low, but a large number of novice heroes have come attacking one after another.

We of Dragon Knight were occupied with battle since morning.

By around noon we were completely exhausted. Terry is lying on the ground in the shape of the character.

“Even though a strong willed magician onee-chan appeared, there’s no leeway to capture her even if we defeat her”

“There’s no helping it, it’s this season’s traditional promise after all”

“Fuubutsushi? What’s that? Something erotic”

It’s not erotic.

I privately retort Terry’s idea. Well then, let’s think about where best to start explaining from.

“To be exact, it’s the empress dowager’s birthday”

“Taiko? Is that erotic”

“It’s the king’s mother. When the previous king died, his son became king, the empress dowager–” Continue reading