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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C23

Sorry about the late update, lot of stuff going on right now so updates may be infrequent for a while. Enjoy~!

The Night Before the Decisive Battle





7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro’s headquarters, Barencelle.

Previously, it was explained a bit, but this is Sefiro’s castle.

In the northern extremity of the Maou region, it shoulders the front line of the Maou region defense.

––––is a past story.

Currently, the human’s countries are under control, so there aren’t any human that would invade this castle.

However, tentatively it’s the the corps commander’s castle, suitable defense is layed out.
In the transition space there are several demons stationed.
Vampire men, and lizardman men.
Simply that they’ve been entrusted with the defense, they should have suitable strength.
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