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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C34

Duel with Basteo





In Maou Castle, Duvallberg there is a place called the duel hall.

Long ago, there is where imprisoned humans were made to fight with beasts, and criminal demons were made to fight.

The privileged class among the demons would watch that cruel spectacle and enjoy themselves.

I suppose it’s demon like, but starting with the previous world’s ancient Rome, similar events occurred in various places.

It seems beings that possess intelligence, the higher they are the more they come to like blood.

However, even that duel space, ever since the current Maou-sama it hasn’t been used for that purpose.

In short this duel space hasn’t absorbed [Blood] in a while.
Nevertheless, this evening for the first time in a while blood is sure to flow in this duel space.
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