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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C13


The Miracle of Arsenum






The 7th Army Corps vs the Multiple King Alliance battle occurred at exactly mid-day.
The opponents numbers are 10000.
If we fight them directly there’s no chance of victory in the first place.
The veteran manticore Kushana advises me.

“We should launch a night attack here shouldn’t we?”

No, I shake my head.

“Humans are used to battle with the Maou Army. The preparations for the battlefield should have been adequately done. There should be magicians that use IlluminationLightand《DetectionSearchexpertly.”

“That’s true.”

Kushana agrees. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C13

A Dragon’s Pride






Crystal Tower First Floor, when I had become half melted from basking in the sun, unusually Yui came down, and came to my place.

“What’s wrong Yui”
“I was injured a bit, Onii-chan heal it”
“An injury? Where?”

From the feeling of looking she’s uninjured and lively though.

“Here you say……that one on the face?”
“What else is there”

Her lips pouted seemingly in sullenness.
If you don’t look carefully it’s at the level where you won’t understand, there is a small thread like injury.
A scratch––––even more of a scratch than a scratch. Within everyday life a scratch you did yourself, an injury of that level. Continue reading