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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C20

Yuria’s Thoughts ††






††(Yuria Point of View)

Isthmus’s magician Raiku-sama.
What a wonderful gentleman.
Zenobia’s leader’s daughter, Yuria honestly thought thinks that.

If it’s this person then it’s fine to become a bride, it’s fine to offer her chastity, it’s the first time she’s met a person she’s thought of as such.

Is this what’s called first love?
Until now Yuria has not known love.

Her father raising talks of marriage, she had met with many men, but until now she had never felt even once this kind of throbbing.

It was the same with the son of a wealthy merchant of the neighboring country that she had headed for the other day.
Merely boasting of the fortune his father had built up, the person himself had no resourcefulness.
using his father’s power as a shield, no more than a domineering, boring man.
However, Raiku-sama is different.
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