Back and Bottom






After a low level fist fight, we, Dragon Knight, defeated a four member party of heroes.

Three of them were male swordsmen and one of them was a female priest.

Terry bashed them with his club, and Lily flew about piercing them with her trident.

I myself like a slime rammed them and occasionally swallowed the heroes by transforming my body.

After a fight on the level of the surroundings a beginner village we safely defeated the heroes.

“We did it! We’re pretty strong huh”

“Ah, that’s right”

Lilly who bubbles over is charming, I agreed with her statement.

There were also cases where the enemy heroes are weak, and only three of us were here,I fought matching the strength of the two, but the combination of the three of us was surprisingly strong.

“Terry too good job”

“Uooooh! A woman, a human human”



“I wonder if she’s a virgin, a virgin in front, behind, above, and below”

“……I think the three over here are virgins in the back”

Terry was clearly exasperated when he dejectedly said.

“I don’t need males”

“You are absolutely right”

“So I’m off to eat the virgins!”

While Terry let out an obscene face and voice characteristic of his race, he shouldered the female priest we defeated a moment ago and started running off.

“Wait Terry”

“It’s better if you don’t run after me, if you do you’ll come across an over 18 scene”

“That’s true, but that’s no good”

“What’s no good”

You don’t intend to tell a goblin that even if you’ve captured a human women not to violate her right?

No matter how you put it that’s horrible, at the level of telling a dog that walks are forbidden horrible.

“Because, we’ve yet to decide on a victory pose right”

“Victory pose?”

“Un. I’ve thought about it but, In order for Dragon Knight to become more famous, not just monsters but we need the humans cooperation as well or it’s useless. For example we occasionally overlook a hero when we defeat them and send them back, and they’ll publicize that Dragon Knight is strong*tremble*”

“Indeed, monsters are monsters because they are feared by human beings”

“The party name, Dragon Knight, is for that sake, the signature pose is also for that sake”

“Oi oi……”

On the contrary I think we’ll be looked down on if we take a signature pose.

I thought so but didn’t say so, Lily had shining eyes while talking like a child after all.

“By the way, what kind of pose”

“Um you see……like this”

Lily used her weapon, the trident, to draw on the ground.

She’s absurdly good! The three of us posing, me Terry, and Lily looked exactly like a photo!

You’d be better off becoming an artist Lily! This is way too good”

“Eh? Is that so……ehehe”

Lily was being bashful, the drawing is absurdly good, but the sense for poses was catastrophic.

A pose like some special squad, at the very least I don’t want to pose like that. Also I’ll never hold a rose in my mouth.

Suddenly Lily looked at the three heroes left there.

All of them are death’s door, afterward we’ll toss them out of the forest leave them as is.

“What’s wrong Lily”

“A trio of males, making a party and adventuring, there’s no way nothing happened……”

For some reason she’s muttering, I couldn’t really hear what she said but my back muscles shivered, my butt as well.

I thought it was a story that I would be better off not to delving to far into, I swallowed my retort, “There’s also a woman there”, and decided to ignore it.

I returned together with Lily from the eastern forest after defeating the heroes to the central part where the residential area was, Terry wasn’t here, afterwards he said he planned to “I’ll enjoy myself”.

Thereupon, I saw the gathered monsters making a clamor.

Various monsters were gathered and in the center of them were two lizardmen.

The lizardmen were tattered giving the impression that they had indeed had a fierce battle with the heroes.

Within the monsters I saw Yui, so I approached her and talked to her.

“What’s wrong Yui?”

“Onii-chan. You see, those two’s child was kidnapped by the heroes”

“Those two……the lizardmen huh”


When looking at the two lizardmen again after hearing the story apart from their injuries and exhaustion from battle, there is regret and impatience.

I see, their child was kidnapped.

Incidentally, this kind of thing happens occasionally, cases where heroes kidnap the monsters they came to attack.

The reasons are varied, making them pets, making a show of them, making them lab rats, raw materials for equipment or such.

But whichever it is, it’s a worse than dying.

Monsters that die in the Deep Forest can be resurrected with the thick magic and Mother Dragon’s blessing, on the other hand if they’re taken out of the forest and aren’t taken back they’ll really die.

For the monsters living in the Deep Forest being kidnapped is a fate worse than death.

By the way, lizardmen are just like their name suggests, a race with only males.

Looking at the two lizardmen lament the kidnapping of their child, I feel like the unnecessary sealed knowledge in health ed being recalled, so I hurriedly take my leave from that place.

“Shit! Those damn lizardmen, struggled unreasonably”

“Thanks to that we were able to catch this one, so its fine right”

“Well, we can sell the lizarman child for a lot of money after all”

“Hey hey, aniki, about how much can we sell this kid for”

“Enough to freely enjoy ourselves for a month……no, since he’s young it’ll be easy to educate him so enough to freely enjoy ourselves for three months no?”

The three heroes who retreated from the forest to the outside.

Since they attack the forest of monsters they’re called heroes, if the world changed this lot would simply be kidnappers or vulgar faced thieves.

Those three are retreating, carrying the child lizardman on their shoulders. The child has a cloth packed into their mouth so that they can’t let out their voice.

Depending on the person, heroes have various purposes.

Beginning with righteously slaying Mother Dragon, testing one’s ability, training, killing monsters to make a name for themselves, etc.

It’s not at all rare for monsters to be kidnapped by people pretending to do good.

It’s profitable after all.

Those three were in a good mood imagining the money they were going to make.

That’s why they were late to notice–that a shinigami had already arrived.

“Aniki! There’s something there”

“Hmm? What, it’s a slime isn’t it”

They stopped for a moment, and with tense faces reached for their weapons at their waist, but once they realized it was a slime blocking their way the three’s expression relaxed.

“Yan, you do it”

“Gotcha Aniki”

The most underling looking one of the three took out a thick sword and took a step forward.

“Let go of that child”

“Wait up Yan! Oi, Just now, did that slime talk?”

“He spoke”

“I heard it too Aniki”

“A talking slime, what’s more a low class slime”

Basically humans and monsters converse. Certain high ranking monsters……like dragons, are capable of normally speaking human language, but when it comes to slime or goblin like monsters humans can only hear animal cries.

Therefore, a “Slime that can speak” is a considerably rare creature.

“Change of plans Yan, catch that guy”

“Gotcha! Hehe……how many months worth will this guy become”

“I’ll say it once more, release that child at once and get out of this forest”

“Amazing, he doesn’t only speak, he also threatens humans”

“It’s looking more and more like we’ll be able to sell him for a lot”

“If we take it to a curious princess’s place and it goes well, we’ll be able to receive enough for our lifetime”


The slime sighed deeply.

“I wanted to avoid annoying things but, there’s no helping huh”

In the next instant, the surround atmosphere changed completely.

The air was buzzing and piercing the skin.

The being so however, the ruffians didn’t notice.

There eyes were completely filled with money, and they weren’t seeing the situation at all.

“Ow! What is this”

“Aniki it’s burning, the surroundings are burning”


The space around the three was engulfed in flames.

A fire twister, the scenery is distorted due to the heat.

“Aniki! The kid is”

“A barrier……only the kid is safe……what is this high level magic”

“Ow, ow ow……uoooogh!”

The firepower rose even more, the tongues of the flames swallowed the three.

While the three were burnt to ashes, the lizardman child protected by the magic barrier was just shocked.

“Man they were a hassle”

I spat out in the direction of the burnt up heroes.

I glanced behind, I can already see the exit of the Deep Forest.

Just a little bit more and it would have become a situation that can’t be undone.

Oops, rather than that, the kid.

I approached the kidnapped child, I extended my slime body and skilfully took the cloth from his mouth.

“You ok”

“Y-yea……Just now, was that Onii-chan?”

“Well, that’s right”

“Amazing……who’s stronger between you and my dads.”

In order to avoid annoying things I hid my true strength, but if it’s a kid of this age it’s probably fine.

His body was covered in injuries so I casually used healing magic on him.

Incidentally I’m bad at healing magic.

I rarely get in injured when facing the heroes, and mother’s scolding is basically instant death so there was no reason to learn healing magic.

Even so I’m capable of healing light injuries at least.

After I healed him I called out to him.

“Well then, let’s go back. Your parents are worried”


“What’s wrong”



“Thank you for saving me! Onii-chan is super strong huh”

I was thanked by the child, I was thanked but.

For some reason he was blushing and fidgeting, that appearance gave me chills.


A race of only males, two male parents.

That child, after being saved from kidnappers the child who blushed and said his thanks.

I, both my back and bottom shivered.


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