The Two’s Guide

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Within the forest, the heroes are invading so monsters go out one after another to intercept them.

The personnel are: being born from a gemstone, a Carbuncle, an insect about the size of a human child, a worm, these kinds of guys.

Monsters who aren’t all that strong, being not much different from the weakest.

That the intercepting monsters are those guys means that the heroes’ strength is of that level.

So far so good I thought, the fact that the monsters aren’t that strong means that those who know my strength like Kaa-san or Hime wont forcibly send me out.

Let’s spend today relaxing……or so I thought but.

“Hey hey, let’s go too”

“Hero suppression, now is exactly the time for Dragon Knight”

My childhood friends, Terry and Lily, who I formed a party with are full of motivation.

“Uhehehe, I wonder if there are any virgin white elves”

“Mou, Terry that’s all you think about”

“It’s fine isn’t it”

“It’s not good, thinking about those kinds of things before fighting. Do that after properly winning”

“You’re pretty serious aren’t you Lily”

I thought so as well.

“More importantly, let’s go. If we don’t hurry all the heroes will be defeated”

“That’s true as well. Let’s go Ryu”

“No, I……”

“Come on”

“Let’s~ go~”

Terry and Lily, the two of them forcibly brought me along.

Terry went behind me and pushed my back, and Lily climb up on me, grabbed my head and used it like reins.

There’s no helping it, well the heroes are weak, so it probably won’t turn into a troublesome matter.

“Hey! What are you brats doing”

As we were heading in the direction the other monsters were going, we were yelled at by a familiar voice.

Terry and Lily jumped and the three of us looked over our shoulder.

A familiar face, Shesta the big mouse.

With an expression like he was angry and exasperated, Shesta faced us.

“Shesta oji-san”

“Good day”

“Good day, not. I asked you what you’re doing”

“Um, we’re just going–”

“–to defeat heroes”

“It’s 10 years to early for you guys. Be good and obediently watch from here”



“You U.N.D.E.R.S.T.A.N.D. right”

Being watched by Shesta, the both of them reluctantly pulled back”

“Is Shesta-san going?”

“Yeah, I was asked to supervise and do support”

Shesta was boastfully putting on airs.

When only low rank monsters are intercepting, a strong monster is assigned just in case.

A role that can only be left to a strong monster capable of skillfully assessing the situation.

Being relied on for that, Shesta the big mouse was in a good mood.

“Listen up, don’t come, you got it”


Full of confidence, Shesta strode off in the direction of the invading heroes.

For the time being, good going Shesta. Thanks to you, I can proudly slack off.

“That’s a shame huh, well I’m sure weak heroes will come again, even if it’s then–”

“We’re going Ryu”


“Let’s Go~!”

“W-wait a sec”

Once they couldn’t see Shesta’s figure, the two of them once again pushed my back and began to walk.

“O, Oi stop it. We we’re told not to come”

“It’s fine, it’s fine”

“Yea, we’re the strongest Dragon Knight after all. It’s these kinds of time that we have to properly move out”

“Oi oi……”

There are no signs whatsoever of stopping, rather the two’s tension rose up even further.

There’s no helping it.

……well, when I cursorily cast perception magic, there weren’t any heroes that strong. If I secretly cast support magic on the two, it should be fine right.

Thinking so, I head to the direction of the battlefield together with them.

Since it’s a precious chance, let’s go around and attack from behind. The two spiritedly agreed with my proposal.

Of course, that was for earning time, we arrived at the heroes’ rear after taking a detour around the center of the forest.

Taking a detour ate up a considerable amount of time–because I used up time purposely, by the time we finished our detour things had almost ended, and the amount of heroes lowered.

“Oi oi, the heroes will run out. Let’s hurry and go”

“Un! Ryu too!”

“Ok, ok”

“”We are Dragon Knight!!!””

“……Dragon knight”

The two of them rushed out full of enthusiasm, and I followed after them in low tension.

Terry the goblin, Lily the imp, and me, the slime.

“A pincer attack!”

“At this time!”

“It’s just three small fries, calm down, and defeat them”

The heroes were agitated for a moment, but soon regained their calm once they saw that it was only low rank monsters.

“Th……ose dumb brats……”

We could see Shesta’s figure on the other side of the heroes.

With a face half astounded and half angry.

“Hey brats, it’s dangerous here, so go somewhere else”

“Listen to Shesta-san, leave this place to us”

“Go back before you get injured”

The other monsters said the same kind of things.

I don’t hate being on the protected side, there’s less troublesome things after all.

Well, this time is fine.

I briefly gauge the strength of the heroes and the monsters who came to intercept them.

Even if we defeat the heroes here, it’ll end with “For kids overextending themselves, you did well” level of discussion.

Of course, if I overdo it, it’ll become troublesome, so I’ll have Terry and Lily do it.

I secretly cast magic. I cast the lowest ranking strengthening and support magic on the two.

I strengthened the two only slightly.

Terry and Lily surround the woman hero who has a whip, and attack from both sides with their club and trident.

The two attacked randomly. During that I cast healing magic and moved about casually adjusting their strength with support magic.

As a result, while bearing light injuries, the two defeated the woman hero.

“We did it!”

“Let’s pose, the pose”

“Wait wait, save that for later. There are still heroes remaining”

I stopped Lily who took a victory pose. That stands out, so I don’t really want to do it.

Like this, we headed for the next hero, and while covering them we defeated the hero.

When they defeated their second hero, the other monsters annihilated the invading heroes.

This for sure we’ll pose, when trying to do so Shesta came stomping over.

“Hey! I told you not come didn’t I”

“Ehh, but~”

“We properly fought you know”

“What do you mean properly fought! It’s dangerous for kids so don’t come”

“That’s oppression Shesta-san”


The muttering Terry and Lily sulked.

It’s not oppression–”

Shesta was going to yell at the two of them again, but he suddenly went wide eyed and collapsed.

Like a puppet with its strings cut, he limply fell to the ground with foam coming out of his mouth.

“Oi, what’s wrong Shesta-san”

“Did he fall asleep?”

“It’s dangerous you two!”

I send the two flying with a tackle from the side.

Immediately after, the ground where the two were standing melts.

It’s converted instantly to lava with a high temperature.

“Who is it–Guhegh!”

“Again Guhah!”

The other monsters who were fighting with the heroes just a moment ago let out screams.

Not all of them are fatal wounds, however they are pretty severe wounds.

Just who–.

“Good grief, I was right to come along. I didn’t want to do something like look after the newcomers, but there’s no helping it.”

Something was faintly seen.

Together with a voice, several things were thrown out aiming for the remaining monsters.

like I’d let you!

I release magic right away, conceal, with an unseeable magic bullet I intercept the other side’s shot objects.

*Papapapapan* Along with explosions like continuous fireworks, all over something burst open.

Due that impact, Terry, Lily, and the other monsters fell on their backside.

“Was there a supervisor on that side as well”

The voice was let out again, a rough man’s voice.

“You, what are you”

“……I’m at a disadvantage, I’ll retreat here”

The instant the voice said so, the presence I could barely feel rapidly became dim–he’s becoming distant.

“–like I’d let you run”

I catch sight of the collapsed injured monsters’ figures, and I decide to chase after the presence.

I dash towards the direction of the fading presence.

Not with a slime’s characteristic hopping, I fly forward in a straight line by using magic.

As I fly, I sense something approaching my body.

I avoid by deforming my slime body, something strikes the tree behind me. The tree melts from the center.

Some type of projectile came flying, the same kind that did the monsters in.

Even more came flying.

An air battle!

Condense, and then Pursuit.

I recite the keywords, I fire magic bullets as well.

First off, 17 shots. The shining magic bullets draw an unconventional orbit and concentrate on a single point.


The other party shot something and counter attacked.

Just like before, the sound of explosions and the shock wave spread.

I increased the number of magic bullets and began my attack.

The other party stopped, landed on the ground and intercepted my attack.

He probably judged that it was impossible to deal with while running away. However.

“It’s meaningless to stop as well”

I increased the magic bullets further, getting into high gear this time I shoot 19 shots.


“I’ll shoot even more”

I understand the other party is flustered while intercepting.

Let’s kick it up a notch more, 23 shots.


Even higher, 29 shots.

With this, it surpasses the other party’s limit.

He was barely enduring until now, but the magic bullets he couldn’t intercept directly hit him one after another.

“Kugh……T-this is a slime’s magic? You monster”


The last magic bullet released delivered the final blow.

The man who was supporting the heroes was defeated without his figure being seen as he vanished.


I take a deep breath and return to where everyone is.


“Are you ok?”

Terry and Lily ran over to me when they saw me.

At the same time the other monsters gathered.

“That was dangerous, dashing out on your own”

Although the carbuncle said that, I put into practice what I thought of on the way over.

It’s ok, I properly defeated him”


The monsters were surprised, at the same time I cast magic.

I recited the keyword.

Awaken, and switched places.

My body shone, and at the same time, the distant, collapsed body of Shesta the big mouse shone as well.

Two magic circles shone and the two of us switched places.

It was not a simple replacement. I shifted the timing to make it seem like the transformation came undone.

I who had moved to where Shesta was collapsed pretended to have fainted.

Shesta was transferred to where I had been standing, and I cast awakening magic on him.

“Huh? I, I’m……”

Shesta who was looking around restlessly didn’t seem able to comprehend the situation.

After a short pause the surrounding monsters began to praise Shesta.

“I see, you took the form of Ryu”

“In that case I can understand defeating him after chasing that guy down.

“As expected of Big Mouse Shesta-san, that’s amazing!”

The monsters praise Shesta.

Having just awoken, Shesta did not know what occurred after being done in with a single blow, however–.

“……Fuu, it will turn out like this when facing this one. A-hahahaha”

He burst out laughing while bragging.

I thought if it was him it would surely become like this. Passing off the achievements, success.

In that state I once more cast perception magic, and after confirming that the hero was gone, I kept pretending to have fainted.


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  1. 4 pencils

    …This is kinda sad to read, the day when that mouse will have to fight without Ryu’s ‘support’ would come, eventually, hopefully…

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. ranpha

      Even if the mouse eventually died when there are no support, there’s always infinite resurrection. Even the MC has been murdered and revived many times already.


  2. Rawr

    Why does the MC bother “saving” the others when they can be infinitely resurrected? It’s easier to keep his secret if he dealt with the problematic heroes AFTER the witnesses die.

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