Dungeon Master





“You were slacking off here after all”

When I was half melting in one of my basking spots, my younger sister Yui quietly appeared.

Kaa-san’s true daughter, a dragon.

She has a cheeky personality, but she is absurdly cute when she takes her human form.

“How slovenly, aren’t you embarrassed doing that”

If she is quiet that is.

Well, I’m used to Yui’s slander, it’s not something to make a fuss over after all this time.

“I’m not embarrassed, as you can see, I’m a slime after all.

“Appearances don’t matter one bit! If you are Kaa-san’s child act more properly like Kaa-san!”

“Ok, ok. Or rather, what did you come to do”

“The western forest was lain to waste bu the heroes, so I came to get Onii-chan to restore it”

“The restoration of the forest?”

I gave a great frown.

The heroes who come attacking almost everyday harm not only the inhabitants of the forest, the monsters, but occasionally damage the forest itself.

There are various reasons, whether that be purely as a collateral damage of combat, or destroying it in revenge, or for some type of plan.

Whichever it is, it will become harmful towards the monsters of the forest, so it is necessary to immediately restore it.

“Why me? Kaa-san’s orders again?”

“No, Okaa-san is sleeping. It was my judgment”

“Yui’s? Then it doesn’t have to be me”

“Everyone is busy! Heroes are invading all around, so there is nobody else who is able to do it. What’s more why are you saying, “Then it doesn’t have to be me”. As kaa-san’s son it’s your responsibility!”


That’s troubling.

I loathe the word responsibility. Getting involved with that word will become troublesome without exception, absolutely troublesome.

I love privileges though.

“As you can see, I’m taking a break, so contact someone someone else”

“I you don’t go I’ll report to mother”

“T-tell her. I’m not scared of that at all–”

I tried to act tough but cold sweat started coming out, a strange liquid started pouring out from my slime body.

Responsibility is a really troublesome thing, since if that is involved it’s usually a sound argument.

And sound arguments are usually, ignoring feelings, simply correct.

The restoration of the forest is like that too.

For the other monsters, in addition for the sake of the forest, it is necessary to do it.

And right now, I’m the only one able to do so.

If I refuse this, Kaa-san’s scolding will be terrible.

“Haa……I got it, it’s fine if I do it right”

“Un, it’s fine if you understand”

Yui places her hand at her waist and nods.

Even though her cuteness would be top class even if you mix her in among the humans, at times like these it’s extremely vexing.

That Yui held out her arms.


“It’s not good if Onii-chan gets sidetracked on the way, so I’ll take you there”

“It’s fine, I’ll go by myself”

“Say those things after fixing your habit of slacking off”


I have no excuses.

I sighed. There’s no helping it, let’s hurry and finish this up.

“I’m just saying but I’m resting for today after we finish”

“Please feel free to”

I get on Yui’s hand as she stares at me and says so.

Yui held me to her chest.

“I’m going to run”

Saying that Yui sprints through the forest. As expected of a natural-born dragon, her physical ability is extraordinary.

The scenery streams by and you nearly can’t see.

And she is tightly embracing my body.

“Even if you don’t use so much strength I wont run away”

“I wonder about that”

She laugh through her nose. Her looks are cute, but her personality is really not cute.

When I thought so, she squeezed me tighter. Like I said, I won’t run.


I gave up, at Yui’s mercy she hugged me even tighter as she carried me.

The western Deep Forest Yui brought me to was almost like a wasteland.

As a result of battle, the trees were blown away, and the ground was gouged out and burnt.

If you look up, you can can see the blue sky; the characteristic magic of the forest has also disappeared.

“A considerable amount of damage was done”

“Apparently, they were a pretty strong group”

“Looking at this state of affairs, a lot of victims occurred right?”

“Un, because of that Okaa-san is sleeping now. She had to resurrect so many monsters”

“I see”

“Even like this, the amount of victims was held down thanks to Hime Onee-chan coming out. Onee-chan said, “A strong and persistent hero that appears once every ten years””

“Is that a commentary of sake”

Though I retort, it’s not an amusing joke.

A hero dangerous enough to make the number 2 Hime move out, they were a considerable enemy.

I spread out the magic circle and release a a large quantity of magic power.

I restore the ruined ground and cultivate anew the broken trees.

Grass covers the ground once more, and the trees cover the sky again.

The thick magic power of the forest that had disappeared begins to gradually return with the restoration of the forest.

“Something like this”

“Yup. Um, go, go, good–”

“Since I’m here already, why don’t I make a trap”

“–good work, trap?”

Yui looked like she started to say something but was surprised and looked at me.

“Ahh, victims appearing is also that, so I think it’s better to shave down the heroes’ war potential in advance to a certain extent”

“That’s true……Onii-chan will do it”

“I’ve already said I will after all. Stand back a little Yui”



“Eh? Ah, un sorry”

Yui absentmindedly stared at me for some reason, but she returned to her senses and did as I said and stood back.

I was magic again. I imagined it in my head and using magic I actualized it.

Almost as if standing up the newly grown tree’s roots came out from the ground and became leg like.

Then they move about, each getting into their positions.

“What is this”

“A minor labyrinth, a forest of bewilderment kind of place”

“I don’t see a labyrinth though?”

“Let’s go in and see”

Yui nods, and enters into the moving trees I called a labyrinth.

In an instant the trees move, and the structure completely changes.

“Ehh!? W-what is this”

“A kind of living labyrinth. Whenever a hero goes in–”

Saying so I go in as well, and stand next to Yui.

When I do, the the trees move again, and the structure changes.

“It changes like this”



Yui is muttering something.

“I-I didn’t say anything”

“I see. As a test, try to clear it Yui”


“As a test. Using human like power, not dragon, try to clear it”

“I understand. I’ll try it”

Yui does as she’s told and tries to clear the labyrinth of bewilderment.

First she tried to walk outside, however whenever she passed a fork in the road, the labyrinth would change its structure.

“I-I can’t get out. What should I do?”

“There is the dragon compass right? Following that, enter through the direction of the shadow dragon, go through the heaven dragon and escape from the lightning dragon”1


“Why is a dragon like you making a face like I’m speaking gibberish”

“I-it can’t be helped, I wasn’t taught that after all”

“Ok, ok, then first of all let’s go over here.”

I guide Yui who had misplaced anger.

Taking into consideration the labyrinth’s changing structure, we walk for a short while. Before our eyes a sparkling spring appears.

“What is this?”

“A spring that restores both physical and magical power. I made this as well”

“Why did you make that kind of thing? It will only give an advantage to the heroes right”

“This will disappear after being used once. If this is here the heroes will mistake their pace and make a mistake on the time to call it quits. They’ll act unreasonably from the start knowing that they can rely on this thing”

“I-it’s that kind of thing”

“It’s that kind of thing. For the sake of efficiently doing in the guys who act unreasonably and mistake the moment to fall back”


Yui opens her eyes wide. Is this surprise.

When we continue further, on the other side is a treasure chest.

“That is?”

“A treasure chest, there is a proper treasure inside. From this distance, the heroes can use appraisal magic and realize that something good is inside”

“Why do such a thing?”

“……take it and see”

“……? I understand”

While being curious, Yui heads towards the treasure chest.

In the next moment, her figure disappears.

It operates just as planned. After I confirm that it will invoke even against a dragon, I follow along in the same manner, and in the same manner I disappear.

I was transferred, from in front of the treasure chest to the entrance of the labyrinth.

“What is this Onii-chan”

“A trap to make you enter once more. They’re returned to the starting point when approaching a treasure chest with a proper treasure. When that happens, the heroes will aim for that chest and enter once more”

“I see”

“With this, the effect of the spring that was used on the way is doubled. Although they arrived there after being restored, this time they won’t be able to be restored”

“A-amazing……and heartless……”

Yui expresses admiration.

Well, this labyrinth isn’t just that, there are various other mechanisms.

It takes into account human psychology, it will kill someone experiencing it for the first time as well as an experienced person.

I used the knowledge from before I reincarnated as a slime and packed in various mechanisms.

With this, the invading heroes will be thinned out some, and the monsters will have it easier as well.

“So, Yui”

“W-what is it?”

“It’s fine if it’s only occasionally, that–will you release intimidating air on the other side of the labyrinth”

“The other side?”

“You’re able to use a dragon’s pressure to convey “Go away” right? If you do so, the likelihood of heroes choosing this route will go up. It’s fine right”

“T-there’s no helping it right”

For some reason, Yui turned her head and said it reluctantly.

What, she told me things like duty and such, but she also doesn’t have any motivation huh.

Well I not one to talk as I have even less motivation. Besides, even if Yui isn’t here, this labyrinth will reduce the number of heroes so it’s fine.

“I can be Onii-chan’s strength……Yay”

Yui is muttering something beside me. It’s a special chance, so let’s improve the dungeon a little more.

The labyrinth of bewilderment, for a while afterwards, became a place where they screams and grief of heroes resounded.

1. 「ドラゴンの方角があるだろ? あれにそって暗黒龍の方角から入って、天空龍を経由して閃電龍から抜けていくんだ」

Oops, forgot to translate that line. I’m not too sure about this one, when I tried to look it up I got stuff about feng shui. I’ll look into it more, but if anyone knows anything feel free to comment~

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