The God of Beauty and the Two Lolibabaa





“Take this! Indignation!”

The instant they recited the spell I heard a *crack* overhead.

Lightning falls and breaks through the brush of the forest where sunlight doesn’t penetrate.


It doesn’t end in one blow.

Straining their magic power, the lightning of divine punishment came raining down continuously.

The sky booms with thunder, and the ground is shaken with the impact and electrical discharge.

A few trees were hit by a stray bolt and lit up and the forest burst into flames.

“Haa……haa……how is, that……”



As a silhouette gradually appeared from within the explosion’s smoke, the hero trembled.

“U-unscathed…….Ridiculous, a slime……a mere slime……”

The hero was astonished. The hero had likely used indignation after understanding I’m not an ordinary slime, yet the hero was still caught up with this form.

“You……what are you”

“Ryu……a common slime”

Even though I named myself the hero is still astonished.

I know of this person, always invading monsters’ nests solo as a result of their strength, the hero Thor.

Second name Lightning Prison Thor. Both their strength and aggressiveness are high. Their purpose is to wipe out monsters, a rank A danger hero.

“Sorry, if I let you go the damage will become to big”


I breathe in, and my slime body swells.

Immediately afterwards, I breathe fire from my mouth. It’s not magic, just a simple flame breath.

After being reincarnated, Kaa-san said, “If you are my son, then something of this level is natural” and using spartan ways, drove that special skill into me.

The shining white flame engulfs Thor.

Thor struggles, trying to resist.

The desperate resistance is meaningless. Not even a minute passes before Thor is burnt up, leaving no trace behind.


“I saw that~”


I was suddenly embraced from behind.

A voice I knew very well, and an action I knew very well.

She looks at my face while holding me.

The Vampire Hime.

She is an executive of the forest, and alongside mother her power makes her a disaster class great monster……or she should be but.

“What are you doing Hime-san”

“Non non non, not Hime-san, H.I.M.E.. Repeat after me”

“No, but……”

“If you don’t I’ll suck out all of your body’s liquid♪”

She says it cutely, but what she’s saying isn’t cute in the slightest.

A slime’s body is 99% water after all. No, even more. A cucumber is 99% water, so the percentage is probably larger.

I don’t think she, a vampire, has any interest in a slime’s liquid, but I’d like to refrain from being eaten so I’ll obediently do as told.

“I got it……Hime”

“Un~, good boy good boy. *Chu*”

Hime pats me with all her might, and kisses my face(body).

She lightly sucks me, and my slime body lets out a sound and deflates.

If it was someone else, it may have been a scene that was a little interesting.

“More importantly, what’s wrong Hime, coming out to this place.

“Taking a stroll, as well as looking for something”

“Looking for something?”

“Un! Heroes’ blood. Did you know? Concerning human blood, rather than males, women’s blood is tastier”

“Hee, is it like that. Is male blood gross?”

“It’s gross, it has a weird smell to it. Ah but, the blood of men who have had that cut is pretty ok”




…………Is it that!?

“What’s wrong Ryu, your face is pale”

“That kind of talk is a little severe”

I was a human man before reincarnating after all, even talking about castration gives me pain.

Even though I no longer have anything hanging in my crotch, I still feel phantom pain.

“Y-you understand that pretty well”

“Humans do the same thing after all”

“Humans do?”

“Humans keep cattle for use as food right? I heard that the meat from male cattle who have had that chopped off becomes soft, and so I tried doing that”


I still feel phantom pain.

I pray for the test subject’s happiness in the next world. No, they may not have died.

……it might be better if they had died though.

Hime begins walking while holding me.

“Well, ordinarily woman’s blood is tastier, even better are virgins.

“You’re saying things like Terry”

“It delicious after all~. But you know, virgin heroes are pretty few huh”

Is that so?”

I didn’t know that.

“Humans seem to get excited after fighting. For heroes who are used to battle of course they’d mate like crazy”

“They have things like survival instincts after all”

It’s easy to make children in dangerous times, humans are the kind who want to do actions that make it easy.

I see, I can understand why there would be few virgins.

“The only ones with a high ratio of virgins are the priests, but they serve god and receive divine protection, so sucking their blood is hard”

Terry seems to be ok receiving them though.

“Mou, thanks to Ryu now I want to suck a virgins blood”

“Oi oi, that’s my fault?”

“U~, I want to suck their blood~. I want the best virgin blood”

Hime groans while embracing me. Coupled together her young appearance, she looks a like a young girl throwing a tantrum. ……this is the several hundred year old great vampire huh.

However……freshly squeezed, that way of saying it makes it sound like some kind of juice, what’s more is that it sounds delicious.

“Mou! There are no virgin non-priests on a day like today. Haaaaa……”

Hime lets a deep deep sigh.

She really want to suck blood huh.

Humans have three big desires, sexual, appetite, and the desire to sleep.

Vampires have those as well, and Sexual and appetite are both bloodsucking.

Not being able to do those is probably painful.

“……if there’s none, it’s fine if we make them”

“Make them?”

The absentminded Hime loosens her arm strength, and I jump down and bounce to the side.

With her goth loli clothes fluttering, she follows after me.

“What do you make?”

“Just watch……see, there’s a ruffian woman hero over there right”

“That robber like Oba-san?”

I nod.

By the way, that heroes looks to be in her thirties so she is an Oba-san, but taking into account her true age, Hime has lived over 10 times longer.

“That one’s no good, what’s more she smells like a normal non-virgin”

“It’s fine so just watch”

I approached the hero by bouncing.

Her strength isn’t that big a deal, about a 1/10 of Thor.

I simply tackled her and knocked her out.

I get on top of the hero laying face up.

I cast magic, a complex magic circle spreads out, and magic power transforms.

That magic power materializes above the hero, becoming a shining golden colored liquid.

“Uwaa, what’s that”

“My refined magic power. If I make her drink this, she’ll over restore and rejuvenate……oops, the amount was too much huh”

I stop the spell, and throw out one part of the refined golden water.

I crawl up on the woman’s body, approach her face, and open her mouth.

She was a thirty years old, but in only ten seconds she became a girl about 10 years old.

“Ooh! This smell, she’s a virgin!”

“You understand immediately from the smell huh”

“Ne, is it fine if I suck her blood? It’s fine right. Ittadakima~su”

Hime jumps at the rejuvenated girl and bites her nape.


The girl is unconscious, but the moment when her blood is sucked, she lets out a charming voice.

Both of them are wearing clothes, and if you had to say she’s a vampire’s meal, but.

It looks a little like a love scene *doki doki*.

Finally Hime separates from her neck with a satisfied face. She gives a kiss on the cheek to the girl in agony with a flushed face.

And once more lifts me and hugs me tight.

“Thank you Ryu”

“Your welcome”

“Being able to do these kinds of things, Ryu is the god of girls throughout the world huh”

“Stop that, that seems super troublesome”

The god of beauty and youth……and the women who gather.

I shiver tremendously at the slight thought of that trouble.


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14 thoughts on “The God of Beauty and the Two Lolibabaa

  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    satou’s partner in loli restoration plan,
    golden slime potion
    turns loli babas into authentic lolis with the side effect of turning back to a virgin
    legendary rank item only available in mother dragon forest
    if u couldnt get it then it means ur not a loli baba or ur a priest/priestess

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  2. Mischa

    I guess he isn’t into tentacle play himself. He better not let terry know. Terry would be like make her a virgin again, and again, and AGAIN!

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