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Dungeon Master





“You were slacking off here after all”

When I was half melting in one of my basking spots, my younger sister Yui quietly appeared.

Kaa-san’s true daughter, a dragon.

She has a cheeky personality, but she is absurdly cute when she takes her human form.

“How slovenly, aren’t you embarrassed doing that”

If she is quiet that is.

Well, I’m used to Yui’s slander, it’s not something to make a fuss over after all this time.

“I’m not embarrassed, as you can see, I’m a slime after all.

“Appearances don’t matter one bit! If you are Kaa-san’s child act more properly like Kaa-san!”

“Ok, ok. Or rather, what did you come to do”

“The western forest was lain to waste bu the heroes, so I came to get Onii-chan to restore it”

“The restoration of the forest?”

I gave a great frown.

The heroes who come attacking almost everyday harm not only the inhabitants of the forest, the monsters, but occasionally damage the forest itself.

There are various reasons, whether that be purely as a collateral damage of combat, or destroying it in revenge, or for some type of plan.

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