A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C18

Surprise release~



Noble Illness





Night, Deep Forest’s corner.
While being carried by Yurie we walked around within the forest.

That’s not it, this isn’t it either, saying that I walked around.
Before long, we finally arrived at a place that was slightly open.

On the right rose a small hill the size of a mature male, and on the left the sound of a small stream could be heard.
A good environment to live in.

“Here is fine”
“What are you going to do?”

Using low grade wind magic I produced a vacuum wave, and mowed down the weeds growing in the clearing.
Immediately I blew out a gust of wind from my mouth and blew away the mown weeds.
I also blew away the stones, dead trees, and rotting swords dropped by heroes all together.

All that remained was the earth that had become tidy.

“It should be fine with this much”
“Are you making something?”
“You’re judgment is good huh. A house”
“House, is it?”
“That’s right. It’s fine since I’m a slime, but Yurie’s a human so it’s no good for you to always sleep outside right”

Yurie stares blankly for a while before finally letting out tears in large drops.
The girl who is carrying me, those tears fall directly on top of my head.

“O-oi, what’s wrong”
“I’m sorry……this……it’s because I’ve never been treated this kindly”

Without saying anything, I let her do as she pleased for a while.
Before long the tears receded, and in exchange she timidly asked.

“But……is it really fine?”
“What is?”
“For someone like me to live in a “House”. That is, even though I’m a sacrifice, I can’t do anything and I can’t be useful”
“Don’t mind it”
“Looking at someone like you irritates me, so in order to not irritate me I’m just reforming you is all. Up til now I’ve done it to about 12 people so don’t mind it”
“Eh, 12……?”

Yurie is puzzled, naturally she doesn’t understand the meaning I’m sure.
Rather, let’s stop talking about those 12, if she makes a link between the 12 apostles and me it’ll become a troublesome matter.

“Besides I didn’t do anything that great. As proof let’s reconnect your sense for the moment”

Yurie suddenly began trembling, without being able to put power into her arms she dropped me who she was carrying.
It was expected so I uneventfully landed normally.

“Have you been carrying me all this time and haven’t noticed that you didn’t get tired?”
“That is……Slime-sama looked after me–”
“So you did notice”

That’s fairly excellent.

“But it’s different. I only cut Yurie’s sense of exhaustion is all”
“While you were carrying me both physical and magical power were consumed. In other words, just by carrying me both of them were gradually used. And as foundation, physical power and magical power rise as much as you use them”
“I-I see……”

Yurie shows understanding while her arms tremble.

“There’s the method of making your disciple carry a heavy turtle shell everyday as well, but since we have this opportunity I made myself heavier. Be at ease, in order to raise your foundation steadily, I’ll make sure of your limit everyday and exhaust you to the very last minute”

Grinning while laughing I once again cut Yurie’s fatigue circuit.
Yurie became the same as before in an instant.

“Amazing……I recovered in an instant”
“You aren’t restored, it’s just that you’re not feeling it, so if you overdo it you’ll die. For that sake I made a house for recovering”
“So it was like that”

Yurie became downcast again.

“……Slime-sama, for someone like me is it really–”
“Now then, next is the structure”

It seemed like she was going to start muttering again, so I thoroughly interrupted her partway.

“Is Slime-sama capable of construction as well?”
“No I’m not able to”
“Then what are you going to do?”
“Just watch, if you drive in the basics you’ll be able to apply it to variously”

I separated from Yurie and stepped forward, I stood in the center of the prepared land.
I inhaled and expanded my body. I expanded my slime body to size of about a house.

Even if I expanded it, it was my own body. I manipulated my body well and made the inside hollow, attaching doors and windows, making it house like.
For slimes it’s a natural thing to deform the body. Not just for battle, it’s indispensable for times when they prey on something.
I put that to practical use for moment and made my body into the shape of a house.

“Something like this”
“S-slime-sama became the house……”
“Becoming a house is for after this”

Saying that, *pop*, I split my body.
I split off the portion that became the shape of a house, and my main body flew into the sky.
While in the air, I face the gelatinous house and breathe fire.

A shining, pale super high temperature flame blew off the moisture in an instant, and a mass in the shape of a house was left there.

I landed, approached the house, and knocked on it.
Baked it gave off the a good sound like that of porcelain.

“Something like this”
“A-amazing……in an instant a house……”
“Yurie will sooner or later become able to do that as well”
“I……as well?”

Her eyes are open wide and she’s making a face that truly doesn’t believe that, but that’s only for now as well.
I’ll drive in the basics like I’ve done for those guys until now, I plan to make her stop her grumbling and negativity after all.

The next morning, I was called out by Kaa-san, I arrived along with Yurie.
In order to raise her physical power and magic power she came along while carrying me.

In the presence of Mother Dragon, Yurie trembled.
There’s no helping this.

“It’s good that you’ve come, my son”
“What is it Kaa-san, something troubling again?”
“One who is my friend, Disaster, you know of them right?”
“Blue Mountain’s Master of Spirits?”

Mother Dragon who remained sprawled on the ground faintly nodded.
There are many spots in the world magic power gathers due to the dragon vein causing monsters to concentrate, but within those there are three prominent and famous ones.

Deep Forest.
Blue Mountain.
Silent Sea.

These three.
Any one of them have a colossal amount of magic power gathered and powerful monsters exist there.

In Deep Forest there is Mother Dragon, and an equal existence is in Blue Mountain.
Elemental Master)Great SpiritDisaster.

“That’s right, it’s been decided that we will look after that Disaster’s son for a while”
“……haa? For what purpose”
“If you love your child, send them out into the world. It is probably something like that”
“The destination is Deep Forest? Is it a field trip”
“As such, I entrust his matters to you”
“Is it fine if I just welcome him?”
“I leave it to you”

Kaa-san only says that. Everything is up to me to decide huh.

“Haa……I don’t have a right to veto right”

Silent Kaa-san, silence is scary.
If I veto, I’ll be scolded, it’s that kind of message after all.
Haa……it looks like it’s going to become a troublesome matter again.

“Fuhahahahaha, my name is Arganse” 1

The son of the Great Spirit that arrived was fully annoying from the start.
Appropriate for the son of the Great Spirit, he is humanoid but from his body different from magic, shining spirit light is constantly released. And because he’s humanoid he has clothes, he’s wearing noble like clothes.
From that outfit to his way of speaking are nothing but annoying.

“Good work traveling from afar small ones”

It wasn’t far, you’re already inside Deep Forest.
Forest central region, I came out to meet Arganse who arrived. The surroundings were filled with curious onlookers.
The rumor that Blue Mountain’s prince(in a certain meaning) was coming to study abroad spread in an instant within the forest, and the curious bunch gathered simultaneously.
From a distance they whispered something amongst themselves, evaluating Arganse.

“Incidentally, where is Mother Dragon”
“Kaa-san is resting, your care was entrusted to me”
“That’s unfortunate. I thought to take a look at how great the rumored Mother Dragon”

The moment Arganse said that the air froze with tension.
With that manner of speaking of looking down on Mother Dragon, monsters releasing blood lust began to appear rapidly.
Yurie was the same as well, the arms that were carrying begun to be filled with power.
Mother Dragon who gave her a second life is an existence like a benefactor to her, so it can’t be helped.

“But it can’t be helped if I can’t meet her. Small one, it’s fine if you guide me”
“I have no free time to be relaxing in this kind of place. To fight with heroes I came all the way here. From the rumors the greatest site of fierce battles, Deep Forest. I truly anticipate just how great the visitors that come are”

What can I say……he’s full of confidence.
Guiding him is fine but……will it be alright?

When I was thinking that, from the spirits behind Arganse that had been silent until now, a single one stepped forward. The macho man figure fire spirit opened his mouth.

“We are accompanying him”

When the fire spirit said so the other three–water, wind, and earth spirits respectively nodded demonstrating their intention.
Until now, Arganse’s character was intense so I overlooked them, but the four spirits were behind him, guarding him.
From a glance, they all appeared to be strong high ranking spirits.

I see, a proper babysitters were appointed to him huh.
The Great Spirit Disaster is very overprotective it seems……but, in that case it’s fine.

So that things won’t become a bigger pain, I made a proposal that types like Arganse like the best.

“Then without delay, let’s go to the to the strongest forest of the four”
“Of course, if it’s not at least that much then I won’t be able to show my seriousness”

Arganse as expected, nodded in a good mood.

I, while being carried by Yurie, began to guide Arganse.

Of the four forests, the Northern Forest said to be the strongest.
The monsters living here were strong, there were cases of executive bunch like Hime or Yui occasionally showing their faces as well. A forest that induced strong heroes to come.

To that forest, I brought Arganse.

“Incidentally small one, how do you see me”
“Eh? How do I see you……”

How should I answer that ambiguous way of asking……like that I was troubled.

“Right now you, I’m a small being only benefiting from his parent, is what you’re thinking right?”
“……no, not particularly”

Did it show on my face. This is my failure.
I should have been paying attention so it wouldn’t but.


Arganse only laughed, and didn’t say anything else.
He’s awfully full of confidence.

What is that confidence I wonder, when after a while of walking I sensed he presence of a hero a little distance away.
As expected of a hero that entered the Northern Forest, they noticed our presence as well and began battle preparations.

When speaking of this side, the four spirits faces changed, they were able to sense them huh.
Incidentally whether Arganse noticed or didn’t notice, he walked with a carefree face.

“What is it”
“Before long an enemy”
“Ohh is that so”

Being told by the fire spirit, Arganse suddenly became motivated.
He hadn’t noticed huh.

We remained at that place, and made our preparations to fight with the hero.
After several seconds, the hero came to attack.
From the other side of the forest a swordsman suddenly released their aura, and while wearing a number of barriers came charging.

“What, a magic warrior huh”

Arganse felt admiration.
That’s wrong, that’s a attack defense buff, in addition the barriers were cast by another person, they’re simply a warrior.
From the hue of the magic power the buff was two people, and the barriers was three people.

“Very well, this me will blow them away”

Arganse slowly held his hand out.
In a moment, the constantly emitting spirit light gathered on his held out right hand.

“Take this, the blow said to exceed even father. Phantom Disaster!”

After Arganse said that, from his hand a spirit light beam was fired.
An extraordinarily strong blow, if comparing it to humans, then it’s a magic power that was finally attained after several decades of training.
Condensing that, a blow releasing it.

There are no objections to the power, but it’s slow.
It’s slow before firing, and it’s slow after firing.
It’s slow to the point that even Terry while panicking could avoid it.
More so when it’s the Northern Forest’s hero, there’s no way it should hit.

That’s right, that’s what I thought but.
Although the hero showed movements to avoid it, they didn’t move.
Partway through, almost as if being bound they stood upright.

The ones who did it were the four spirits.
The four spirits standing behind Arganse cooperated, and used some technique to stop the hero’s movements.
The hero who completely became unable to move was hit by the sluggish beam, and the countless barriers layed out were all blown away.

“Fuhahahaha! How’s that, this is my power”
“It’s as expected”
“I always feel admiration at Waka’s true ability”
“Kyaa, superb, today for sure embrace me”

Glowing with self-satisfaction is Arganse, the four spirit were flattering him.
When they did, he grew even more arrogant.

“However, I heard the Deep Forest is the most extreme battlefield, but it’s not that big a deal”
“It’s because it’s Waka”
“That’s true as well”

Arganse who was bragging.

[He was was an amazing person huh……]
[No, he’s not amazing]
[Eh? But right now……]
[That huh, that was stereotypical noble illness]
[Noble illness?]
[Take a look]

I said that to the doubtful Yurie, and waited for the moment.
This time three heroes appeared from with the forest.
Their first comrade was done in, so the three were cautious and slowly approached Arganse.

“Once again huh, very well, I’ll blow them all way with my spirit light”

Arganse once again moved, and refined the spirit light and gathered it on right hand.
At the same time the four spirits moved, in order to make it easy to hit them, they were going to bind the heroes I’m sure.

I interrupted them there.
I fired my magic, and restrained the four spirits first.
The spirits became unable to move, and the heroes were able to move freely.

“It’s fine if you receive it, Phantom Disaster!”

Arganse shot three beams all at once.
Even though the number of beams increased, the fact that the power didn’t drop at all is amazing, but the speed as expected remained sluggish.
Naturally, the heroes all avoided that.

“What! Absurd……then once more!”

Arganse once again shot the Phantom Disaster. That was once again avoided.
He was surprised that it was avoided and indiscriminately fired this time.
Despite firing his secret technique rapid fire the fact that the power didn’t drop was as expected is what I thought, but that was only destroying the forest, the heroes weren’t getting hit at all.

[They weren’t hit at all]
[Nobles who study military arts are you see, cases where these kind of power secret technique are the only thing they study are many. As such when they use those someone captures the prey and presents it them easily. If I compare it to placing a bound beast in front of your eyes and shooting it with a bow and arrow, then is it easy to understand?]
[Leaving no room for mistakes]
[Exactly. And then the learned technique is without a doubt a bold move, so the person in question’s confidence is connected to it but–]

In the time I remained a spectator, Arganse promptly fell into a inferior position.
He was taking damage from the heroes’ hit and away tactics, even so he continued firing his secret technique, but without even grazing them he was gradually done in.

“Why! Why won’t it hit! My Phantom Disaster should be the strongest! It should be a blow that surpasses even father!!!”

Screaming, howling Arganse.
It’s sorrowful, it won’t hit because it’s slow, that he doesn’t notice such a simple thing is sorrowful.

[If he had completed his foundation he would have any number of ways but]
[Like Slime-sama, right!]

You will be become like that as well, is what I started to say but I stopped.
Rather than saying it, it’s better if she realizes on her own. In Yurie’s case it seems it will still take some time until her ability foundation is raised, so it’s fine if I don’t tell her immediately.
There’s these kinds as well, it’s fine if I have her observe this only.

Becoming worn-out from the heroes’ attacks and finally fainting was Arganse.
After confirming that he had lost consciousness, I intervened and repulsed the heroes all at once, and saved him.

1. The name is アラガンス which is arrogance, but as a name I thought rather Aragansu, the romaji for it, Araganse or Arganse would be better but which do you prefer?

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