The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C28

The Wire Puller’s Identity





7th Army Corps Sefiro’s castle’s office.

“……fumu, the one pulling the strings from behind was Basteo huh.”

After the incident report, her first words were that.
Is it unexpected, unusually she’s making a docile expression.
I, though not in order to divert that situation’s atmosphere, cracked a joke.

“But, when speaking of a dullahan, they’re the highest rank of undead right. Tentatively, I’m also the undead species highest rank Undead King Lich, so it should be possible to have quite a good match.”

Speaking of a dullahan, they’re a demon that exemplifies the undead species.

[Dullahan, in my previous world they’re an undead that are said to be knights who have piled up misdeeds when they’re revived]

The point is they’re demons with their head and body separated.

If a lich is defined as the strongest undead magician, then I guess a dulluhan is the strongest undead knight.

Speaking in modern style, then the east yokozuna is the lich, and the west yokozuna is the dulluhan.

Well, even if I tell that to the commander who is an other world demon it won’t be understood though.

“But, it’s not a surprising story right. Since long ago demons have not gotten along. Perhaps having been jealous of our 7th Army Corps, they tempted that Jace right. In order to hold us back.”


Somehow, she’s not making herself clear.
I wonder if there’s another reason.

“If it’s just that then it’s fine. This time’s case the traitor was purged, like that it’s a finished subject is it.”

“Then, in this time’s case, there’s an ulterior motive is it?”

“……there is, perhaps.”

“……for example, this time’s case, that Basteo would betray the Maou-sama. and become the new Maou himself, perhaps that kind of strategy.”


Sefiro answers with silence.
It seems like she thinks as such.

“However, the present Maou-sama, Dairokuten-sama, her ability, popularity, charisma, all of them tower above the rest. The seat of Maou won’t be so easily handed over right.”

“However, demons are demons. Even if the opponent is Dairokuten-sama, ……no, because it’s Dairokuten-sama it’s possible she’s might become a target of envy.”

In addition, she continues.

“Demons are a lot that crave the limelight and aim for authority. If there’s an opportunity, then any corps commander will aim for the seat of Maou. That’s the nature of the living creatures called demons.”

“……well, that’s true huh.”

All 7 Army Corps’ Corps Commanders’ faces come to mind.
Each and every one of them are a just lot that seem to be idiosyncratic.
I try asking the most peculiar personageSefiro among them.

“Incidentally, commander. The commander is also [Those] demon’s army corps commander, but if there was an opportunity, would you betray Maou-sama?”

Sefiro immediately answers that difficult problem.

“I would betray her.”

I unconsciously became silent.

“––––if I said that, I wonder what kind of expression you would make, I tested it out.”

Saying that, she laughs “Niyari” like always.


Tentatively, I took it as a joke, but now I wonder what her true thoughts are.
This person’s also a demon.
It wouldn’t be odd for her to hide that amount of ambition.


No, if I think about it calmly it’s impossible, this person isn’t like that.

She’s a person that rather than ascend to the position with responsibility of the likes of Maou, would choose to stop at around the position of army corps commander and immerse herself in research as the mad alchemist.Mad・Scientist

For now, to match Sefiro’s joke, I decided to answer as such.

“If Commander betrays Maou-sama, then on that occasion I’ll accompany you together as well.”

Sefiro who heard that answer broadly grins, and responds.

“Really? I guess that’s a foolish question. After all only I can handle you.”

She declares full of confidence, and closes like this in the end.

“Well then, go to the bottom of hellAbyss together with me! Maou Army Strongest Magician!”

I respectfully bow, and while giving a bit of an air of joking,
so I acknowledged.

And then together with her, I headed to the bottom of hell, [Maou Castle].


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