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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C28

The Wire Puller’s Identity





7th Army Corps Sefiro’s castle’s office.

“……fumu, the one pulling the strings from behind was Basteo huh.”

After the incident report, her first words were that.
Is it unexpected, unusually she’s making a docile expression.
I, though not in order to divert that situation’s atmosphere, cracked a joke.

“But, when speaking of a dullahan, they’re the highest rank of undead right. Tentatively, I’m also the undead species highest rank Undead King Lich, so it should be possible to have quite a good match.”

Speaking of a dullahan, they’re a demon that exemplifies the undead species.

[Dullahan, in my previous world they’re an undead that are said to be knights who have piled up misdeeds when they’re revived]
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