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“Hey, where should we go today.”

“The Eastern Forest right, this is the weakest forest, so we may be able to defeat low rank hero. You’re ok with that right Ryu?”

“N? Yea, that’s fine.”

Terry and Lilly, the three of us gathered one way or the other, today’s action was decided one way or the other.

Forming “Dragon Knight” with the both of them was the correct choice.

When we tell others of our party.

“Kusu, Dragon Knight huh, that’s good.”

“Don’t be too reckless.”

These kinds of various replies came back, we were seen with a warm gaze.

The impression that lower class monsters were overextending themselves was neatly conveyed.

With this I will be distanced from bothersome things, rather we will be told “it’s dangerous so go over there” if we stick our heads into trouble.

For me who wants to keep his distance from bothersome things, continuing on with “Dragon Knight” is the best method.

So, the weakest forest where novice heroes come to gain experience, we decided to go to the Deep Forest. The feeling of going on a small picnic. Continue reading