Big Mouse Shesta




“Hey, where should we go today.”

“The Eastern Forest right, this is the weakest forest, so we may be able to defeat low rank hero. You’re ok with that right Ryu?”

“N? Yea, that’s fine.”

Terry and Lilly, the three of us gathered one way or the other, today’s action was decided one way or the other.

Forming “Dragon Knight” with the both of them was the correct choice.

When we tell others of our party.

“Kusu, Dragon Knight huh, that’s good.”

“Don’t be too reckless.”

These kinds of various replies came back, we were seen with a warm gaze.

The impression that lower class monsters were overextending themselves was neatly conveyed.

With this I will be distanced from bothersome things, rather we will be told “it’s dangerous so go over there” if we stick our heads into trouble.

For me who wants to keep his distance from bothersome things, continuing on with “Dragon Knight” is the best method.

So, the weakest forest where novice heroes come to gain experience, we decided to go to the Deep Forest. The feeling of going on a small picnic.


On the way, I heard a familiar loud laugh.

“What’s that.”

“Let’s go check it out.”

“Nah, troublesome things are–”

“Let’s~go~, ok.”

The imp Lily got on me, grabbed my head, and tried to change directions by twisting it like a handle.

“O~K,O~k, I got it so don’t twist my head.”

There was no helping it, so I went with both Terry and Lily towards the direction of the voice.

There were several monsters there.

One of them was the guy from just yesterday.

A mouse monster with a body slightly bigger than a human, big mouse.

That guy was at the center, and the other monsters crowded around him.

“Shesta’s amazing, he repelled 10 heroes all by himself.”

“Well, its about that much.”

“Hey did you know? Among them was a the famous Blaze Sword Saiban. He was a pretty strong hero you know?”

“Nn? Now that you say that, I think there certainly was one guy who may have offered some resistance. But with this one fighting it was a walk in the park.”

“Shesta-san you’re wonderful!”

The monsters surrounded big mouse Shesta and repeatedly flattered him.

“What’s that.”

“Yesterday, it’s rumored that Shesta alone repulsed the heroes.”

“Ah, I see.”

I look at big mouse Shesta while being convinced.

I looked at him being surrounded by many monster and in a good mood.

Such a pain, an extreme bother.

I understand since before I reincarnated, I was among the center of groups like that. they flatter you like that and then ask for all sorts of tiresome favors.

The reason Shesta ended up like that is because I manipulated his body and repulsed the heroes yesterday.

Fu, I’m glad I didn’t do it myself.

“That’s nice, I want to become like that too. Then I also can be popular with women.”

“Terry, you want to be popular that badly?”

“Isn’t that obvious? My dream for the future is to occupy a human town, become it’s lord and make it a law that young beautiful girls first night right is mine.”


Lily tilted her head in confusion.

“All virgins are mine, is what it means.”

The haughty Terry placed his hands at his waist.

Haha, this guy’s got an unwavering mind.

“So that’s how it is. In that case Dragon Knight must do it’s best right.”


“……that’s true.”

Be reasonable ok, I don’t trouble after all, seriously within reason please.

“Ne, Shesta-san, can you tell us how you killed Blaze Sword Saiban?”

“Eh? T-that’s……”

Shesta hesitated. He’s not able to answer right.

“I-I’ve forgotten how I did it. He was resisting so much that I killed him before I even noticed.”

“I see!”

“As expected of Shesta!”

Ah, he deceived them well.

Shesta’s surrounding flattered him even more, and he became more boastful and gave out a great laugh.


Yui came from the depths of the forest.

Dragon Yui, She is Mother Dragon’s true daughter, she has the ability that high ranking monsters occasionally possess, she’s able to change into human form.

Her original form is inconvenient, so she usually takes the form of a human who has only horns.

Yui came to my side.

So that Terry and Lily who were looking at Shesta wouldn’t hear, she whispered in my ear.

“A message from Kaa-san. I feel a strange presence to the east of the forest, go and take a look around.”


“It’s a presence that even Kaa-san was only able to sense by chance, if it’s not Onii-chan then it may be dangerous.”

“Oi oi……”

Erasing your presence means that because there’s a strong opponent there they were capable of erasing their presence.

That Kaa-san the Mother Dragon was only able to sense their presence by chance means that of course they’re a strong and troublesome opponent.


“Since I’ve, told you, later.”

Yui departs quickly.

“What’s wrong Ryu?”

Lily came over and asked me.


“I’ve heard that story!


It was so sudden that I almost fell over.

The one who suddenly spoke out was Shesta, until just a moment ago he was surrounded but he’s come in front of me.

“W-what do you mean you heard that?”

“Mother Dragon’s orders right?”


“Then leave it to me, to this Big Mouse Shesta.”

Saying so full of pride, letting out a great laugh again was Shesta.

Oi oi, you heard that just now.

That’s quite the ear you got.

The three of us of Dragon Knight, as well as Shesta.

4 monsters are walking withing the forest.

Shesta leads with a long stride, and Terry follows along restlessly goblin like.

Lily gets on me, and acts like a dragon knight.

Come on out suspicious guy. this, Big Mouse Shesta will become your opponent.

Shesta walks while yelling out.

What is that confidence.


“I see, if I imitate his behavior I’ll become popular with human women.”

I think it’s better if you don’t Terry.

“What’s the matter, are you afraid of this one……”

Shesta who was walking at the lead suddenly became silent.

Like a puppet whose strings had been cute *pah* he collapsed.

“O, oi. What’s wrong.”

“Shesta-san? Are you ok?”

“You guys, don’t move!”


I stopped the two who ran over to Shesta with a yell.

“W-what’s wrong Ryu?”

“Did something happen.”


I firmly watched my surroundings.

A dense forest, thick magic in the air.

From within that I could sense malaise.

“–It’s dangerous!”

I twisted my body around, I threw Lily who was on top of me above me.

In the next instant something passed by overhead. Afterwards Lily fell once more on top of me.

Sword……No, a knife huh.

For a single instant I saw a dark grey flashing arc.

Not like a long sword but a knife.

“What happened.”

“They are here.”

“A hero is here?”


I who nod.

I focus my awareness even more and survey the surroundings.

Terry and Lily are making anxious faces.

I see, this is trouble.

I wasn’t just for show that Kaa-san only sensed his presence by coincidence. In my case, I can only sense his presence the instant he makes an attack.

“Get away.”


“Get away from me, quickly!”

“U, un!”

Terry and Lily do as they’re told and distance themselves from me.

Though I couldn’t understand when he was far away, but since he’s close by I can sense it.

He’s made me, who dodge his attack once, his target.

Something like blood lust is directed towards me.

I focus my nerves, and I sharpen my senses.

In the next instant the flashing dark grey comes again.

The arc is drawn, and from the side my slime body is cut in half, I raise a groan.

The knife hit my body, it cut through.


The knife stopped along the way, as a result the other party’s appearance was seen.

A black clothed man, I’m not able to see his expression clearly.

However, that he was flustered I understood.

“Why won’t it cut further than this.”

“It didn’t cut, from the first place.”


“The instant the knife hit I deformed my body and let it pass through, then when it entered the middle of my body I tightly hardened it. A skill to use a slime’s body practically.”

“Absurd, a slime shouldn’t have that kind of hardness.”


“Eei, then with this–”

The black clothed man took out another knife, the new knife had a magic design engraved on it, that’s his trump card for sure.

I can not let him use that.

From behind the black clothed man Shesta came flying with a ferocious force.

With his eyes wide open, still unconscious is Shesta.

He came rushing over and crunch both arms of the black clothed man.

Naturally, I stealthily manipulated him.


He falls back in a panic, just like that erases his presence, and he disappeared from this place.


“Are you ok? You don’t have any injuries?”

After the man had disappeared, Terry and Lily rushed over to my place.

“I’m fine.”

“But you were cut?”

“Slashing attacks aren’t very effective against slimes, in addition Shesta-san cam to help me.”

While saying that I stealthily cast resuscitation magic, in way that the two of them wouldn’t notice, on Shesta.

When I did so the wide eyed Shesta got up.

Seemingly not knowing what happened, he looked around restlessly.

“Amazing Shesta-san!”


“We saw that just now. This is the power that repulsed 10 heroes all by himself huh.”


“Shesta-san, you drove back that amazing hero in one blow. Do you not remember?”

I sent a lifeboat to Shesta who didn’t yet understand the situation as I gave an explanation like praise.

Not understanding anymore than this might become troublesome……or so I thought but that was a completely unnecessary worry.

Shesta’s face instantly changes from a blank stare to dignified face, and made a posed look towards the three of us.

“Well, it’s like that if you face this one.”

“As expected.”


Shesta who was the same as before, surrounded, being flattered and letting out a loud laugh.

Even though he doesn’t know anything, good going putting on airs.


Sheesh, good grief.


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