The Man Who Knows My Past





“Ne, ne, for Dragon Knight to become famous what should we do”

“That’s obvious isn’t it, we have to defeat heroes left and right”

“Is it fine to just defeat heroes?”

“U-n~, now that you mention it, just that feels like its not enough. I got it! Won’t it be fine if we defeat the King of Heroes?”


In one of the few spots within the forest where sunlight filters through the trees I was basking in the sun with Terry and Lily when Terry’s proposal sent my heart racing.

…….No, well, a slime doesn’t have a heart though.

“The King of Heroes huh, that’s right, if we defeat the King of Heroes we’ll become famous overnight.


“But what is a King of Heroes like. I’ve never met one since I’ve been born”

“Me either, what about you Ryu?”

“M-me either. Ah, that’s right, I was called by Kaa-san for something so I have to go. Later”

I solidified in surprise after melting and with an almost sunny side up egg body I crawled away from the two who brought up that topic.

The King of Heroes, a topic I don’t really want to be involved with.

First of all, Hero is a generic term for those humans who come to the den of monsters to subjugate them. Without minding the danger to ones life to subjugate the monsters who cause humans harm–it is for this reason that these humans are called Heroes.

The heroes who are remarkable even within those and pile up achievements are called kings–The King of Heroes.

Recently I haven’t heard any stories regarding the King of Heroes.

I have not heard any stories of my successor, the one who became the new King of Heroes, after all no one wanted to do something troublesome. While thinking such things in order to heal myself I headed towards a different sunbathing spot.

Being melted by the sunlight filtering through, u-n~ like I thought this feels good.

Not exactly like an itch.

It’s hard to compare it to my sensations during my time as a human. To have a smoke break, or having a light snack, that sort of feeling is similar.

Well, I’m messing with my body a little, but that sensation itself is addicting.

I’m relaxing like that when from far away I heard people’s voices.

I focus my senses, and measure the distance and number of voices.

Their numbers are about 20, they’re not monsters, but humans.

They’re about 200 meters away, they’re advancing toward a different direction so they won’t come here.

If they’re not coming here–thus I continued sunbathing.

[Alex-sama, treatment of the injured has finished. The injuries were to the extent of being able to be healed with recovery magic.]

[I see, good work]


I was startled by the voice of the man they called Alex.

My melted body once again hardened with start.

Alex and this coarse, harsh voice, no way…….

[I’m sorry, due to my mistake I’ve exposed everyone to danger……]

[I’m responsible for that as well, don’t mind it]


[If I had paid more attention no on would have been injured. It would be great if I could be like Ryu who would say “Fall back, I’ll take care of everything” but]

[Ryu-sama……if I remember correctly, the previous King of Heroes was Alex-sama’s master right]

It was like that after all!

AlexArmis, it’s the guy who admired me around the time I was human.

He admired me since he was a youth and despite having a rough voice he was a guy who would neatly follow behind me like a puppy. He had decent talent so he also trained various monster subjugation techniques.

I remember the old days for a moment.

[Yea. I may have relaxed a little. Ever since entering this forest I’ve felt a nostalgic smell, it might due to that]

[Nostalgic small?]

[A smell that resembles Ryu]


Or rather what do you mean a smell similar to mine, you’re a a dog after all aren’t you!

[Well, I’m sure it just resembles it but]

[It might be the real deal no? The fact is that Ryu-sama disappeared in this Deep Forest, perhaps that’s why his smell remained]

I don’t know who you are but don’t say unnecessary things woman.

[Fu, that’s impossible. There’s no helping it since you don’t know about Ryu but there’s no way Ryu would be killed by a forest of this level]

You yourself deify me too much Alex.

[Haa……as expected the King of Heroes-sama was strong right]

[Ryu was strong, and beautiful. You lot are unfortunate since you weren’t able to see Ryu fight in person. That, just watching it’s educational……you’re able to get stronger]


Like I said you’re over deifying me. That part of you guys was annoying.

[But he’s no longer here]

[That’s right……it can’t be helped. Well then, we should begin our march again soon]

[Yes, where should we go]

[This is some kind of fate, let’s advance towards where Ryu’s smell is thickest]


Oh no, they’re coming over here.

Alex is a dog after all. Saying something like where the smell is thickest, he’s heading straight here.

I mean what do you mean smell.

I was reincarnated you know, I was reincarnated from a human into a slime you know.

Despite that my scent is the same, because it’s thick, without getting lost he’s heading straight here.

Actually meeting is bad, meeting directly with someone who is able to push forward with my scent from around 200 meters away is bad. It will become overwhelmingly troublesome.

Let’s run.

[Hey, why did we come here?]

[When searching for Ryu, places where you can sunbathe are the basics]

I picked up a voice, a place around 100 meters away I heard Terry and Lily’s voices.

The two of them seem to be looking for me, but the circumstances are bad.

They’re right in the middle between me and Alex.

And they’re both heading straight here.

The dog like Alex will probably head straight here, without a doubt he’ll follow my smell to where I’m basking in sun to the point of melting and come here.

Terry and Lily will also come here, since the both of them have guessed I’m here as expected they’ll come straight here.

That is to say, the both of them and Alex’s party will either bump heads on the way or bump heads here.

“Sheesh, they’re a handful!”

All the same I can’t just abandon Terry and Lily. Even if they’re killed, as long as Kaa-san is around they can be resurrected, but even so I can’t overlook them.

Having said that, I don’t want to meet with Alex.

In that case.

I tense my melted body and return to my former slime form.

After tentatively confirming that there no other monsters or humans in my surroundings.

I expand a magic circle, from my entire body magic rises up.

My body becomes gold colored, my slime body shines.

I think in my mind.

Condense, Pursue, Conceal.

Attribute is–Dragon.

After condensing and making it so the magic bullet can’t be seen I shoot them one after another.

The magic bullet passes over Terry and Lily’s head, they strike Alex’s group.


[What on earth is this–ugyah!]

[Where is the opponent–ogobugh!]

I hear one scream after another, there are some guys who sensed the attack and avoided it, but the magic bullet with a pursuing trait applied hit them one after another.


[This attack is……dragon huh]

[Y-you understand]

[I was taught by Ryu. To become able to guess what kind of monster it is from the attack when receiving a preemptive strike]

That’s right, I taught you as such.

And, after that, what did I teach you?

[T-then it really is]

[It’s unexpected that a dragon can do this kind of attack……we’ll retreat for the moment here]


[You shouldn’t fight with an opponent whose details you don’t understand. It’s possible to come again if you retreat.]

[–! I understand]

As the screams continue, I understand that Alex’s group is going further away.

During that, both Terry and Lily finally arrive here.

“There you are”

“Mou, Ryu you suddenly disappeared”

What’s up you two”

“You might be in this kind of place so we went, my intuition is really delicate, amazing white elf priest beauty entered the forest, so let’s go defeat her”

“What kind of intuition is that, or rather there’s no way there’s that kind of convenient opponent around”

Both Terry and Lily take the lead and we return to the eastern Deep Forest.

During that.

[I will return, Dragon]

I heard the departing Alex’s parting threat.

For the time being I’ve repulsed him, but it seems like it’ll become a troublesome matter.

Hereafter he is likely to still come, but I have to make sure to act so as to not to run into him.

For the sake of a peaceful every day.


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20 thoughts on “The Man Who Knows My Past

  1. 1_chan

    Thanks for the chapters! Alex is ridiculous though. How the hell did he manage to connect the scent of human Ryu to the scent of slime Ryu and think they’re the same person. Is this spiritual residue he’s smelling? More than a dog, he might as well be a blood hound or a freaking hell hound with how good his nose is…sniffing out a guy like that haha.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Xiose Post author

      Thanks for reading~ Haha, yea kinda seems like Ryu goes with the flow a little too easily sometimes. Well I guess that’s part of his “avoiding bothersome things” life motto, right?



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