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The Man Who Knows My Past





“Ne, ne, for Dragon Knight to become famous what should we do”

“That’s obvious isn’t it, we have to defeat heroes left and right”

“Is it fine to just defeat heroes?”

“U-n~, now that you mention it, just that feels like its not enough. I got it! Won’t it be fine if we defeat the King of Heroes?”


In one of the few spots within the forest where sunlight filters through the trees I was basking in the sun with Terry and Lily when Terry’s proposal sent my heart racing.

…….No, well, a slime doesn’t have a heart though.

“The King of Heroes huh, that’s right, if we defeat the King of Heroes we’ll become famous overnight.


“But what is a King of Heroes like. I’ve never met one since I’ve been born”

“Me either, what about you Ryu?”

“M-me either. Ah, that’s right, I was called by Kaa-san for something so I have to go. Later”

I solidified in surprise after melting and with an almost sunny side up egg body I crawled away from the two who brought up that topic.

The King of Heroes, a topic I don’t really want to be involved with. Continue reading