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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C27


Opps, almost forgot to post this. Also I forgot to mention last time that I’ve started searching for a new web novel to translate since I’m close to catching up to the author. I’m looking around myself, but if you have any suggestions I’m happy to go through them here.

Anyways, enjoy!

Fat Ant





Fire ant.
That egg, I gazed at the egg that will be born as the next queen, for the species it’s more important than anything, and I thought.

What Alistar said had some reason, if a fire ant learned the taste of monster even by chance they would eat the monster to exhaustion.
Their fertility and appetite are strong, in order to implement that their power is also strong.
Or rather, I’ve heard their adaptability is extremely amazing.

The teeth of carnivores and herbivores are different, each generation of fire ants will evolve their bodies in order so as to best be able to eat what they want.

Supposing they learned the taste of slime and were pleased with it, then they would self change evolve into something suitable to eat slime flesh.

[What kind of being will it become?]
[N? Ahh……their mouth will become a straw, or something? A slime’s body is jelly after all.] Continue reading