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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C25

Undead Brigade vs One-Eyed Devilkin






The battle of Undead Brigade vs One-Eyed Devilkin allied forces took place exactly at noon.

Just as explained just now the difference in war potential is about 3 times.

900vs300, if fought normally then there’s almost no chance of victory.
No, while I stand on the front line, if I didn’t mind the Undead Brigade’s damage then I might be able to win.

I have at least that much confidence in my magic power, and the I also trust in the Undead Brigade subordinates.

However, if we fought normally, then the damage will be great.
Jace is a traitor.

Those subordinates as well have forgotten their debt of gratitude towards their commander Sefiro and betrayed us, so there’s no place for sympathy, but as much as possible I don’t want to let the Undead Brigade lot die. Continue reading