The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C25

Undead Brigade vs One-Eyed Devilkin






The battle of Undead Brigade vs One-Eyed Devilkin allied forces took place exactly at noon.

Just as explained just now the difference in war potential is about 3 times.

900vs300, if fought normally then there’s almost no chance of victory.
No, while I stand on the front line, if I didn’t mind the Undead Brigade’s damage then I might be able to win.

I have at least that much confidence in my magic power, and the I also trust in the Undead Brigade subordinates.

However, if we fought normally, then the damage will be great.
Jace is a traitor.

Those subordinates as well have forgotten their debt of gratitude towards their commander Sefiro and betrayed us, so there’s no place for sympathy, but as much as possible I don’t want to let the Undead Brigade lot die.

The timid and calculating Orc Staff Officer Jiron,
Despite being a Succubus she’s not lewd Lilith,
The adorable like a puppy Kobold Taro,

Including the rest as well, everyone, are my precious subordinates.
If at all possible, then I don’t want them to die.

Within this turbulent world, being something like a brigade commander of the Maou Army, it might be selfish words, but that’s what I really think.

However, battle isn’t something you can win by saying lip service.

So as to avoid damage to my allies as much as possible, I decided to stand at the front line.

The enemy army looms from ahead.
Jace’s force is organized with goblins as the focus.

Even within monsters goblins rival kobolds as the weak, but Jace’s army corps is different.

In the first place Jace himself, as his alias One-eyed Devilkin boasts, is an existence that can be called a GoblinLord.

Naturally, the goblins serving that master are also all men of valor.

Not just the commanding officer, even in the regular soldiers the higher variant Hobgoblins were visible.

If our goblin force were to fight them head on, they would be pulverized in a flash I’m sure.

However, I won’t do such an action.
I mount my favorite horse, and head towards the enemy line.

Even in their wildest dreams I’m sure the enemy didn’t think I would come charging by myself.
They put together a dense formation

The dense formation was used by the renowned Alexander the Great in ancient times, a classical tactic used to in conquering the world, but it’s application is quite difficult.

That Jace probably peeped on the other day when I drove away the White Rose Knights.

Just, he probably thought that if heavy infantry crowded and if a line of spears was made, then a dense formation could be created.

“Really, a short-sighted man huh.”

I reveal a wry smile.

The dense formation, Phalanx was a formation that wielded power in ancient times, but after certain weapons appeared it disappeared in a flash.

Those weapons were guns and cannons.

Particularly the appearance of guns was great, together with their appearance it gradually began to disappear, the appearance of automatic rifles and mortars finished off dense formations.

There’s no operation as easy as shooting bullets and cannon balls at frozen enemies.

As for guns there’s no need to establish aim, when it comes to cannons if they’re frozen then they’ll all be done in with one shot.

Although, in this other world there’s nothing extreme like [Guns] and [Cannons].

––––however, instead in this [Other world] there’s a convenient thing called magic.

I aim at the party of goblins assembling a dense formation,

Flame PillarFire・Storm

and fire magic at them.

Under normal conditions I would fire Meteorite FallMeteor・Strikemagic like the Commander here, but I still can’t fire it.

To be exact it’s possible to invoke, but for that a magic circle, and a time consuming aria are necessary.

Also, I have no confidence in striking the correct spot like Sefiro.

That’s why I decided to strike with Flame PillarFire・Stormmagic.
Flame PillarFire・Stormis Fire Ball‘s superior magic.

If Fire Ballis literally magic that shoots a ball of fire, then Flame PillarFire・Stormis magic that throws out pillars of fire.

At the aimed location a giant pillar of fire rises.



The goblins’ shrieks echo on the battlefield.
While it’s pitiable, this too was the way of the battlefield.

Don’t do something like making allowances.

In proportion to how much make allowances, my comrades will be exposed to danger.
The stench of the goblins burnt to a crisp is transmitted all the way here.

That smell isn’t very different from that of humans.
It’s unpleasant, but if your in the battlefield for many years you’ll end up used to it.

I defeat the goblins blindly following the dense formation one after another.

The goblins, no, the enemy commander Jace seems to have noticed the meaninglessness of the dense formation although it’s too late.

They stop the dense formation, and spread out.

This formation let alone being completely useless when the enemy has a power magician, on the contrary it’ll hold them back.

Since a magician’s powerful firepower will become a replacement for guns and cannons.

(Although magicians of my class don’t readily exist huh)

A bit conceited.
However, being too conceited and striking with magic ceaselessly also isn’t good.

Since my objective,

“While giving damage to the enemy on the level of not being made light of, purposely lose.”

is as such.

I shout in a loud voice so as to be heard by the enemy soldiers.

“Ku, my magic power is exhausted. I have no choice but to retreat here!!”

I say that and turn back at once.

Seeing my back, the enemy soldiers were probably relieved, or perhaps they looked down on me thinking I had no guts.

I don’t really care which, but if possible I wanted them to pursue.
I make my favorite horse run, and looking over my back I glance at the rear.

Alright, the enemy is pursuing.

After all Jace is a quick tempered goblin at the end of the day.
Having arbitrarily received damaged thus far, he couldn’t remain silent.


“Charge! Charge! Charge! Those who turn they’re backs on the enemy here, I’ll cut through!”

His breathing wild.

The goblins also followed that order.

There’s also that within the goblins he’s elite, but they fear Jace a great deal I’m sure.
Or perhaps they trust him.

In addition although they were knocked down by my magic, the enemy numbers are still great.
They’re fighting spirit might still remain.

“If not it would be a problem though.”

Uttering that, I make my horse run, and alternate with the succeeding unit.
The succeeding unit is if organized with skeleton soldiers as the focus.

We’re fighting with condition of [Losing] after all.

I can’t bring myself to kill the goblin and orc subordinates, while I have those feelings, if it’s skeletons then those feelings dim a bit.

When I let Jiron speak,

“But, Ike-sama, you’re an undead right? Your heart doesn’t ache?”

is that, but fortunately inside I’m human.

A husk that’s already died, in addition even if a magic creature dies, I don’t feel anything.

––––just, the mad alchemistMad・Scientist witch that diligently made the skeleton soldiers, saying cynicism was scary enough.

I could imagine her scolding after the battle.

“Moron. Do you not understand just how much a bother it is to make skeleton soldiers in mass!”

If it’s her she’ll definitely say that.

However, if I’m made to apologize from now, then it’ll be better then letting other monsters with life die.

Is what it becomes.

“……anyhow, lose splendidly.”

While I pray silently like that, I gave orders to the skeleton soldiers.

I fall back, and the Jace allied forces regain their vigor.

The mow down one after another the lot of the Undead Brigade that was organized with skeleton soldiers as the focus.

Is it because I knocked them down plenty just before I wonder.
If they hate Ike, then they’ll hate even the skeletons, that kind of vigor.

Even skeletons that already can’t even move, they thoroughly destroy.
No doubt, it’s satisfying.

I gaze at Jace and co’s way of unfolding unilateral massacre from the rear.
Jiron who saw that state, while perspiring a great deal from his face, said to me.

“I-Ike-sama, is it fine?”

“What do you mean?”

“No, anxious whether or not that Jace has noticed our strategy.”

“Probably, with that condition it’s fine I’m sure. In the first place, completely knocking them down here, having them escape and hole up in the town of Loire is more troublesome. That town is the foremost fortress town even in the continent after all.”

“Haa, I understand that reason, but that and purposely losing, how are they connected?”

With a puzzled expression Jiron asks back.
I told him it’s fine, “You’ll soon understand” continue like this.

“By the way, did the [Aforementioned] thing I asked commander for arrive?”

“Yes, just now, but it arrived.”

As expected of Sefiro huh. In such things she doesn’t blunder.

“Alright, if it’s arrived then the save time. Convey to the messenger that the Undead Brigade should withdraw.”

Jiron immediately answered the command.

“Like ‘Even this is no good’, make it a purposeful and miserable retreat right.”


“However, forcibly losing, is also considerably difficult right.”

Jiron leaks a great sigh.

When I ask “Why?”, Jiron spoke as such.

“I mean, since our brigade’s formation, it has been a brigade that knows no defeat. Never having run home even once. Something like those kind of guys pretending to run, it’s difficult.”

I see, that’s what it is.
That’s certainly the case, so I end up smiling wryly.”

“Well, everything’s an experience. A time when we lose may come someday. Think it a rehearsal, and endure.”

When I said that, watched over the brigade in the act of retreating from the rear.


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