The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C26

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Trojan Horse





When I made sure that the Undead Brigade’s force retreat was finished, I confirm the [Thing] that I asked for from Sefiro.

That object, if explained in a few words,
[A giant horse]
I suppose.

It’s made of wood, with a splendid horse as the motif.

For example, if this was placed in the plaza of the town of Ivalice, then I’m sure the residents would be delighted.

No mistake a large crowd would form wondering what it was.
Watching that, that town’s ruler and would be sure to gloat.

“Gahaha, do you see, this is this great me’s power.”
Like that––––.

It is the same in any age, in any world.

Influential people create [Giant] structures, and soak in satisfaction.

In old times King Khufu’s pyramid and China’s large imperial tombs, moreover in the case of modern times some country’s dictator also made a stupidly big bronze statue of themselves.

From the commoners point of view, “Isn’t that stupid?” is what it comes to, but it seems that when people become important, they want to show that power to others no matter what.

Fortunately, at heart I’m a commoner, so I’m unrelated with that vice.

However, I knew that the One-eyed Devilkin Jace was the prototypical confident person.
I knew that he was the type that couldn’t help but want to display his own power.

That’s why I zero in on that.

I sent the [Giant Horse] that Sefiro sent here to Jace.

The pretense was that is was proof of a ceasefire.

Please this is an offering, so just this one time forgive me, like that, I accompanied it with a letter of apology.

Jace who saw that letter of apology and the giant horse will no doubt become merry.

He might even treat his subordinates to alcohol and hold a banquet.

––––or rather, he’s currently holding one.

That One-eyed Devilkin Jace, without knowing that I’m concealed within that wooden horse, was drinking alcohol merrily in the middle of the plaza.

Apparently this man doesn’t know of the ancient event of the [Trojan Horse]
That which was used in the trojan war of ancient greece legend.

Pretending to offer peace with an opponent that you’ve fought hard with, sending a giant horse as a tribute, and within concealing soldiers to attack when they’re negligent, a classical strategy.

In modern times it’s more famous as a computer virus.

A modern person knows the term trojan horse, so they won’t be quickly and easily caught, but in this world a similar legend and ancient event didn’t exist.

Therefore not knowing is nature, so assuming Jace is an idiot might be pitiful.

According to Jiron,

“Boss is just too much of a genius after all.”

Or so I’m told, but I’m merely utilizing my previous world’s knowledge is all.

Now then, we were easily able to infiltrate the impregnable Loire in this way.
What we need to do is decided.

I lightly breathe in deep, and put power into the Ouroboros cane I held in my right hand.
Simultaneously with that the horse’s door opens.

Before my view there were a large amount of goblins.
Everyone is holding sake cups in their hands, or carrying food to their mouth with their bare hands.

I aim at the goblins gathered in the plaza and release Fire Ballmagic.

There wasn’t even any need to establish aim.
Since everyone was assembled in a ring.
Bursts of flames and sounds of explosions resounded in the vicinity of the water fountain in the middle of the plaza.

Even at this stage, that the other goblins were staring blankly is probably because they thought that it might be celebration magic being launched.

In other words they were completely unprepared is what it means.
I shoot magic at the goblins that even now still haven’t prepared for combat one after another.

Fire Ball》 《Electric ShockLightning・Bolt》 《SlashAir・Slashthere wasn’t even any need to pick particularly effective magic.

One after another the enemy soldiers fall.

After a while starting with Jace, the soldiers seem to have finally noticed that I infiltrated inside the fortress.

Jace shouts.
“I-Impossible. You’re Ike!? Why are you here!? There shouldn’t have been any oversights with the anti transition magic.”

“I was hidden inside the horse.”

Explaining like that also takes time.
So as to be easy to understand, I began a magic aria.

When I do, the horse begins shining bluish-white.
Simultaneously with that the wood wrapped around pops off, scattering in the surroundings.

“W-what is that!”

A nearby goblin shouts.
I gave him an answer.

“A damascus steel golem. A commander special make.”

Once I finished saying that, the golem started up.
The golem that recognized the goblins as enemies aimed at them and dashed.
The steel fist sunk into the goblins.


––––seems painful.

Even those thoughts didn’t appear.
Since far from instant death, they didn’t even keep their original form.

Having killed the goblin in one blow the golem searches for it’s next target, and heads there immediately.
Of course, the goblins also counter attack, but at the end of the day it wasn’t an enemy that could be rivaled empty handed.

To injure that golem made of damascus steel considerable magic power or a powerful weapon should be necessary.

There’s no way the goblins participating in a banquet would have something like that.

While few, goblin magicians counter attacked with magic, but unfortunately with their magic they can only scratch the surface of the golem.

Confirming with a sidelong glance that the golem is knocking down the goblins, I search for Jace.

Although they betrayed the 7th Army Corps, I don’t want to do something like superfluous killing.

I wanted to quickly capture Jace the vice commander, and immediately finish this meaningless battle.


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