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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C26

Sorry about the late update! I knocked out before I posted it, as an offering of appeasement I offer an extra chapter, haha. Enjojy!

Trojan Horse





When I made sure that the Undead Brigade’s force retreat was finished, I confirm the [Thing] that I asked for from Sefiro.

That object, if explained in a few words,
[A giant horse]
I suppose.

It’s made of wood, with a splendid horse as the motif.

For example, if this was placed in the plaza of the town of Ivalice, then I’m sure the residents would be delighted.

No mistake a large crowd would form wondering what it was.
Watching that, that town’s ruler and would be sure to gloat.

“Gahaha, do you see, this is this great me’s power.”
Like that––––.
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