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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C14

Knight Leader Alistair’s Bewilderment ††





††(White Rose Knights Leader Alistair Point of View)


An astonishing situation occurred.
The White Rose Knights Leader Alistair was bewildered.

The first thing they were surprised about was, that the fortress’ rampart was restored.

Of course, they received that information from the scout, but by no means did they think that it had been magnificently restored that far.

At best it will be a hastily made cheap structure, they made light of it as a stopgap measure, but it was not so.

A gate exactly the same as the previous one was standing there. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C14

King of Heroes Sympathiser





“Good morning Ryu, it’s good weather today as well”

Morning, Deep Forest Eastern Region.
In front of a small shrine, I joined Lily.

Dragon Knight’s decided meeting point is here, we meet here at least once a day.
For that reason I met up with Lily but……Terry’s figure can’t be seen.

“Where’s Terry?”
“That is you see, they captured a human queen yesterday, so the goblins are all busy today”
“Ahh……now that you mention it that’s true huh” Continue reading