The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C14

Knight Leader Alistair’s Bewilderment ††





††(White Rose Knights Leader Alistair Point of View)


An astonishing situation occurred.
The White Rose Knights Leader Alistair was bewildered.

The first thing they were surprised about was, that the fortress’ rampart was restored.

Of course, they received that information from the scout, but by no means did they think that it had been magnificently restored that far.

At best it will be a hastily made cheap structure, they made light of it as a stopgap measure, but it was not so.

A gate exactly the same as the previous one was standing there.

No, Alistair shook their head.

“It’s not on the level of being the same. That’s something above that.”

Alistair in their childhood had been brought by their father and visited Ivalice, but it wasn’t that kind of set up.

Ivalice was from the start an agriculture city. Tentatively, ramparts were created, but they a simple sort, they weren’t made to be able to deploy archers in mass.

The leader of the troops staying in that city accomplished that in just 1 month, moreover, strengthened them more than before, is what it amounts to.

“Just how, how many dwarf architects do you need to hire for that to be possible?”

No, Alistair shook their head again.

“There’s no way that’s possible.”

Dwarf craftsman are remarkably stubborn.

There’s no way they would gracefully accept the domination of the Maou army, and even if they’re coercively ordered, by no means will they work.

They aren’t a race that would follow a party that would even distort their pride.

“Then just how did they……?”

It was Alistair who graduated the royal military academy as top student, but they couldn’t think of that method at all.

“Was it a deed done by one holding some magic power that surpasses human intellect……”

They weren’t able to think of it any other way, no, they didn’t want to consider it might be Alistair’s true thoughts.

That they lost to the demons holding “Magic Power” beyond human intellect, if they didn’t convince themselves of that, then that pride seemed like it would be torn to shreds.

The magnificent management of the heavy infantry orcs.
The practical use of the organized archers.

Partway through, the succubus’ forcibly tearing to pieces the battle formation was itself the traditional Maou army’s method, but other than that, Alistair’s common sense, no, it was something that overturned all of human common sense.

In particular the application of the skeleton soldiers at the end, it was not an act thought up by an ordinary person.

“I lost to an absurd person didn’t I?”

The more they thought, they arrived at that kind of conclusion.
Of course, in front of their subordinates they couldn’t make that kind of remark.

Even if it was the truth, in front of their subordinates,

“The opponent we fought was a monster beyond human intellect. Next time we win.”

Or such, is not something they could say.

How ought they report to His Majesty the King they wondered.

Of course, they’ll take responsibility for the loss, they’ve resolved themselves even for resignation, but should they speak of the truth as it is to His Majesty the King.


They were lost in thought.

For the sake of the kingdom from now on, no, for the sake of all humanity they should probably explain like that, but how should they explain?

“The enemy brigade safeguarding Ivalice simply cannot be matched with a single chivalric order. Even at minimum 5 chivalric orders are necessary.”

Is what Alistair thinks.

If they spoke honestly, will they be cursed at as a “Coward”?
Or else possibly disparaged as “Incompetent”.

However, even so Alistair planned to offer a full report to the king.

Far from resignation, dismissal, no, if unlucky then they might be imprisoned, but that’s something that can’t be helped either.

If they permit free action to that brigade, then it will certainly become humanity’s calamity.
That alone they wanted to defend against by all means.


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  1. Mach

    Is Alistair a man or a woman? It was ambiguous over a large part of the text, and in the end “they/their” became a “she”.



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