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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C19

A Sudden Marriage Proposal






When I call for Sati who’s hidden in the thicket, as recommended by Yuria, I decided to get on the carriage.

Rattling and swaying, but even so it’s still more comfortable than a horse.
Sati curiously looks over the inside of the carriage curiously.

“This is a carriage right. I feel as if I’ve become a princess.”

The girl I saved just before asks with great interest.

“Sati-san is it the first time you’ve ridden on a carriage.”

Sati becomes bewildered.

I spoke to her that we should stick to the fact that I’m a magician from Isthmus, but the girl named Sati is an honest person at heart. There’s not many girls who are as bad at lying as her.

“Eeeto, that is––––”

Sati tries to gloss over it somehow, but I interrupt her.

“My house is nobility of Isthmus, but it’s not a very wealthy family. In addition, until now this girl has always worked as a maid in the mansion. She’s ignorant of the world.”

When I explain like that, Yuria seems to understand.

“To be honest, I am as well. No, naturally I have ridden a carriage numerous times, but it’s the first time I’ve left Zenobia.”

“Is that so.”

“Yes. To be honest, I had a marriage interview with an influential person from the neighboring town.”

While a bit shy, Yuria explains the situation.

“I see, you’re of marriageable age as well right. Your father is seeking a good match I suppose. And, were the marriage talks settled?”

“No, they it didn’t come together.”

Yuria immediately replies.

“……that’s unfortunate. However, to reject Miss Yuria means that there are also men without an eye for beauty. If it were me, I would never refuse though.”

Tentatively, I said it as lip service, but I think it’s certainly a waste.
Since the girl named Yuria
Octave, even without flattery she’s a beautiful girl.
In addition, she’s the daughter of the Commerce Alliance’s leader.
If you were joined in marriage with her, you won’t be troubled for money in life afterwards.
As I thought so, Yuria asks me in a tone like a mischievous girl.

“Those words now, are they true?”

“Ehh, well, if I were in his position, that is.”

When she hears those words, she smiles even more.

“Raiku-sama, flattery and lies won’t get through to me. Or rather, if I may say so myself, I’m an honest person. That’s why, this time’s marriage talks didn’t come together.”

“Which means?”

“The marriage proposal partner was too deplorable, so at the dance I stepped on my partners feet with all my strength.”

“……that’s harsh.”

This girl, she seems graceful, but she’s quite an unruly girl.
I hold such an impression, but that unruly girl surprises me even more.

“Raiku-sama, right now you “Certainly” said, if you were in his position, you would accept the marriage proposal.”

As she states so, she merrily smiles.
No way, I think, but for the moment I nod.

“……to the end, that’s if I were in his position though.”

“In that case Raiku-sama, when we reach Zenobia, I want to get engaged with Raiku-sama, is it fine if I convey to my parents that wish.”


I could only answer with silence.
It seems Sati is also dumbfounded.

Well of course, since she’s making an offer of marriage to someone whose origins are unknown that she met just now.

It’s normal to doubt this girl’s commonsense.
Sati modestly protests.

“Y-yuria-sama, I think it’s strange to suddenly make an offer of marriage to someone you met with just now.”

“For a maiden that’s fallen in love, is there a reasonable time? 1 minute? 1 hour? 1 day? Or 1 month? At any rate, the fact is that I’ve fallen in love with Raiku-sama. If Raiku-sama accepts, then I’ll change into a bridal dress even right now.”


I was involuntarily silent, but her eyes were serious.
If I were to nod like this, a ceremony would be conducted in the church 1 week later kind of energy.”
Naturally, I can’t nod.
I didn’t come searching for a bride.
I came for the purpose of meeting with Zenobia’s leader, and tying a treaty.

However, for that reason, I can’t simply shake my head and refuse.
Hurting her feelings here isn’t a good plan.
I decided to conduct myself like a Japanese person.
In short, I decided to be evasive.

“I’m thankful for that offer, but let’s do so after getting to know each other a little more. Fortunately. We still have plenty of time. When we reach Zenobia, will you guide us around the city?”

When she hears those words, she seems to agree.

“That’s right. Certainly, there’s still much more time. Assuming you’ll stay in Zenobia for at least a month, and returning to Raiku-sama’s home once and reporting the marriage, that will take one month, and there’s a need to prepare the bridal dress. It’s a once in lifetime event after all, the best one has to be made. Since the production of that will take at least 3 months––––”

However, her delusions continue to the ends of the world.

The journey until Zenobia, talks of the honeymoon, a new home, on top of that, even the number of children, she spoke endlessly.

Replacing her one sided plan for BGM Sati and I headed towards Zenobia.


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