Being Treated as a Child, Being Treated as an Adult

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Sleepy Cat 3

The strongest forces in the Deep Forest? If asked so, everybody would surely answer without hesitation “The Mother Dragon force”.

The southern forest, today as well the monsters of the forest intercepted the invading heroes.

“Ooh amazing, look at that, they’re forcing back that crowd of heroes”

“The lizardmen are amazing aren’t they!”

Terry, Lily, and me.

The three of us of Dragon Knight came here together.

We wanted to see the Deep Forest strongest force, the lizardmen, or rather I got on board with the other two’s suggestion and came here.


“George! Fucking bastard, To my George you!”

“Paresu! Cover me!”

“Oh, leave it to me Keen!”

We who are watching from a distance, Terry and Lily are astonished by the fierceness of the battlefield.

“That’s amazing huh”

“Un! But why are the lizardmen that strong I wonder”

“The reason for that is”

From behind a man’s voice rang.

The three of us turned around in surprise, two lizardmen were there.

In the right hand was a sword, in the left a round shield. Both of them were equipped with what was obviously warrior equipment.

“The power of love after all”

One of the lizardmen answered, Terry and Lily exchanged glances.

“The power of love?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a simple matter, fighting together with your beloved, fighting to protect your loved one. If you are weak you will endanger not just yourself but even the people who are fighting together with you. Therefore, getting stronger is inevitable. Right, Bernard”

“What are you saying to children Henry”

Saying that, Bernard jabs Henry’s face. It’s a curious thing to them flirting.

The lizardmen are a male only race, it seems like they all have that kind of connection.

I see, that’s why they’re strong.

In the old days I read in reference books that some country somewhere had soldiers like that. The explanation was completely the same, the soldiers were all lovers and because they fought to protect each other they were absurdly strong.1

Watching the battle between the lizardmen and heroes, the heroes definitely aren’t weal, however they’re overwhelmed by the lizardmen’s power of love.

“More importantly you guys, it’s dangerous here so go back to the eastern forest ok”


“It’s fine to watch for a little isn’t. You guys are strong”

Terry persistently begged, it’s not it’s not that special a thing to watch you know.

“Listen up, if you want to come here then do so after becoming stronger”

“That’s right, now let’s go back”

Saying that I slipped under Lily and like a horse lifted her and turned around.

Having done that Terry also followed along.


“There’s no helping it”

Though two people who were lightly sulky, I thought it went smoothly.

This is it, being treated like a weak slime I’ll be kept away from difficult matters.

This was the way of life I was looking for, I was quite happy, different from the other two.

The weakest forest, we returned to the eastern Deep Forest and idled around for awhile, but the heroes didn’t invade here today so Dragon Knight called it a day earlier than usual.

After sending off Terry and Lily I came to my usual spot, and basked in the sunlight filtering through the trees.

Aa……i’m melting……i can feel a tingling pleasant warmth……it feels good…….

I was leisurely melting in relaxation when suddenly the sun rays disappeared.

Did a cloud cover the sun? I thought so but realized when I looked up at the sky that that wasn’t the case.

There was a bat in the gap between trees in this dense forest. A large number of bats covered the gap and prevented the sun rays from filtering through. Oi, you’re a nuisance……when thinking so.

“I found you~”


I was suddenly tackled from behind.

I who was surprised and returned from my melted state to my round slime body was held up in someone’s arms.

I freely moved the core within my jelly like body and changed orientation, when I did so, I understood that was being held by a young girl.

If it’s just her looks, she looks almost human.

Long golden hair, a black themed lace dress, a slender body young girl.

And sharp pointed canines.

Vampire, from glance she looks human but she’s unmistakably a monster girl.

Not just that, concerning this Deep Forest, after Mother Dragon she’s the number 2 monster. In other words, executive class, a leader within the leaders.

Her name is—.

“W-what are you doing Hime-san”

“Non non non, it’s not Hime-san, call me Hime”

“No, but”

“If you don’t I’ll lift you high up♪”

Hime hugged me close and snuggled our cheeks together.

“No, I’m not a child so I won’t be happy even if you lift me up high”

“Non non non, not the fun high lift, the punishment of sending you to the other world—you know?”1

“Do you want to kill me!”

“It’s a punishment after all”

Immediately after she says so I feel chills run down my back.

A seemingly mischievous disposition she’s super strong, after all she is number 2.

If I unskillfully go against her it will turn into an even bigger troublesome matter so I chose to comply.

“I got it so let me go please Hime”

“Un, good boy good boy. But I refuse”

“I stopped attaching san didn’t I”

“Did I say I would let go if you stopped?”

“You didn’t say that but”

“U-n~, after all slimes are nice right. Nene, let me suck a little blood”

“Slimes don’t have something like blood!”

“Then let me suck your body, I love things like jelly and pudding after all. Ah, since I’ve prepared a straw. By doing this—“

While holding me Hime took a straw out from somewhere and struck it on top of my head.

Because I’m a slime there is no damage from this level of action, but having a straw on stuck in my head definitely made me look idiotic.

“Anyway please stop already. Or rather what is it so suddenly”

“I have a little favor to ask”

“A favor?”

“Un, a hero has invaded the southern forest, so I want Ryu-chan to go defeat that”

Without any shame Hime pushes an unreasonable like demand on me. The exact opposite reaction of the previous lizardmen.

She is one of the few who know of my true strength.

I’ve never asked how but since she’s the executive’s number 2 she must have heard it from Kaa-san or something for sure.

That being so.

“The southern forest, the lizardmen are there aren’t they”

“Un, but they’ve started their ceremony”


“When they defeat a group of heroes those lizards begin their ceremony. Well, it simply copulating after having fought though”


Starting to imagine that scene full of males I almost reflexively vomit.

“Those guys are the strongest force, but dealing with them is a pain. And, the invading hero are seemingly strong, so the only one left who can act is Ryu-chan”

“You handle your workers roughly huh”

“If you don’t go I’ll cover all the spots in the forest where sunlight filters through ok”

“You’re a demon!”

“I’m a vampire after all, I’ll be happier without sunlight after all~”

That’s reasonable. In order to speak with me even now her bat familiars are covering up the sunlight overhead.

“Why doesn’t Hime do it yourself. Other than mother Hime is the forest’s strongest right?”

“Don’t casually exclude yourself. I’ll pass this time, since with a glance it feels like there’s a lot of priests”

The compatibility of vampires and priests is bad.

When it comes to Hime’s level there’s no way she’ll lose, but even so it’s unpleasant.

“Please, I can only ask Ryu-chan”

“Saying it in a good way……OK”

I said while mixing in a sigh, at the same time I escaped Hime’s embrace.

While landing on the ground I changed my form to Hime’s.

Originally slimes can only imitate the appearance, however using magic I can in addition change my color, clothes, even my voice. A technique only I can use within the slimes.

I transform like I’m Hime’s doppelganger, and say to her.

“I’ll do it however, I’m pushing all the achievements onto you ok”

“Un! Thank you Ryu-chan. I’ll give you a kiss as a reward”

“It’s fine that kind of—hey you’re planning to suck not kiss my neck aren’t you!”

“Ahaha, I’m kidding I’m kidding. *Chu*”

While laughing Hime kisses my cheek.

The scene of a girl with the same face giving a kiss, when I imagine as such, I act in a calm manner so she doesn’t realize I’m aroused.


While holding back from saying something Hime gives a michievious smile, she’s completely realized hasn’t she.

That being a little embarrassing I quickly walk away from her and head towards the southern forest.

In her form, I instantly kill the heroes who came to invade.

1. Reference to the Sacred Band of Thebes

1. This is a play on the kanji readings of 高い高 & 他界他界. Both are “Takai” which can mean high or as in the second case death, to pass away, the next world, etc.

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  1. Remetheus

    This series looks quite promising! I’m entertained already and looking forward to more.

    I love the straightforward pun of the lizardMEN…and my inner fujoshi rejoices.


  2. Nuage

    Quite the funny novel! I like how it’s truly from thé Monsters’ point of view. It’s not half-hearted, although our MC is quite thé sinful slime (too lazy to get mad).


    1. Xiose Post author

      Thanks for reading! Yea I really liked that too, and I really like his laid back personality. It’s fun seeing him get dragged around by the other characters.

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      1. Nuage

        Hé *is* technically in retirement, so being laid back is how he should be :p hé often has to fight to protect his senior House though ahah poor slime.
        It actually makes me sad when the others come and take his tranquility away 😦 I call for revenge ! Slime-kun, eat all thé trees and force thé vampires to hide! 😀


    1. Xiose Post author

      Hmm, yea he may have gotten used to it since even in his previous life it was kill be killed as a hero. Now he’s just made the decision to live as a monster through and through


  3. Ashsal

    So, the lizardmen is basically the Sacred Band of the Deep Forest. For those who don’t get it, the is a group of elite soldiers called the Sacred Band of Thebes in Ancient Greek , consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers or, as I called it, the 300 gay guy of Thebes. And I suggest you to change “Those guys are the strongest force, but dealing with them is a pain.” into “Those guys are the strongest force, but dealing with them is a pain in the ass.” because, you know….


    1. Xiose Post author

      Oh i knew i forgot to look up a reference~ thankd for this I’ll add a note of it

      Haha I’ll see how liberal I can be with the raw


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