The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C27

One-Eyed Devilkin Jace’s Death





The traitor, One-eyed Devilkin Jace, had disappeared from the plaza before one knew.
He seems to abandoned his subordinates and escaped.
Probably, he plans to use the escape route and escape by himself.

I wanted to make him take a lesson from the White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair that I met before, but more importantly first capturing him is first priority.

––––though, there’s no need to purposely search for him.

From the time I infiltrated, I affixed small bugs that were familiars to that guy’s back.
I chant

There’s anti-transition magic cast on this town, but if it’s within that barrier’s range, then Transitionmagic can be used as well.

Seeing me who appeared at the escape route, Jace no doubt surprised.
His expression paled.

“W-why are you here!?”
“Towards a magician isn’t that question stupid? Look at your own shoulder.”

When I said that, Jace found the bug stopped on his own shoulder.


Like that he crushes that bug.
This guy doesn’t know the phrase, even a worm will turn, right.

Well, he since he doesn’t know, he can kill nonchalantly, and abandon his subordinates and escape nonchalantly.

I decided to knock this guy down without any restraint.

I gave magic power to the Ouroboros cane that was Jii-chan’s memento.
I could also blow him away with magic, but for the time being this man is the vice commander.

It won’t go so simply.
Not just magic, I have to consider hand-to-hand combat as well.

I chant Fire Ballmagic.

Sure enough, with quick movements Jace dodges that, and unsheathes the sword at his waist.

A curved single-edged sword.
That would be a scimitar.
However, it’s different from normal scimitars in some respects.
Gooey green liquid is smeared on.

I was curious about it’s identity, but Jace himself told me.

“This is a highly toxic liquid that’s been decocted from the Yurikaris root. If you come into contact with it even a little, then you’ll go to next world in a flash. Of course, undead aren’t an exception.”

Even a large troll seems able to die without waiting even 3 minutes.
In that case, the human me would go the next world in 3 seconds I guess.
While thinking that, I catch the enemies slash.


Jace raises a surprised voice.

“––––there’s no way that thing would be effective right. I’m a magician.”

The moment Jace’s slash hit I cast Barrieron myself.

Jace is blown far behind, his back bangs the escape route.


Along with spewing out blood Jace raises a miserable voice.
There was an unpleasant *Crack* sound, but I don’t think even his spine broke…….
Tentatively I worried about him, but it seems there was no need for that.

Jace immediately stood up and, “Shit” wiped the leaked blood.
As expected of the vice-commander, I suppose.

I heard that he’s not the martial type, but the intellectual type, but true strength is considerable.

However, tormenting him any further than this is also bad.
Without missing the weakened gap, I cast
A yellow thorny plant growing from under his feet twined around his legs.

“W-what is this?”

Good grief, this guy doesn’t know Bindmagic either.

Being question by a demon who’s ignorant of magic is tiring, but I answered his question.

“Magic’s basics of basics, the spell Bind. A mass of magic power like vegetation restrains the opponents feet, and the opponent becomes unable to move.”

I stop speaking there, and continue like so.

“In other words, for the time being you won’t be able to move a single step, is what is means.”

I showed an evil smile through my mask, and made a proposal to Jace.
While thinking that it wasn’t bad to to behave like a demon occasionally.

“You have three choices.”

I lift three fingers.

“First, continue like this as I break your fingers one by one, and you explain to me your reason for betraying the 7th Army Corps.”

“Second, remain alive like this as I tear off your fingernails, on top of that I’ll break your fingers one by one, and you explain to me your reason for betraying the 7th Army Corps.”

“Third, remain alive like this as I tear off your fingernails, on top of that I’ll break your fingers one by one, not only will I crush your bones, but the commander will cut open your skull, and on top of messing with your brain will draw out the information.”

Which is good?
I ask.
Jace seemed to cower in fear.

He pales and clatters his molars.
If it’s that commander, she’s liable to do it, he might be thinking such.

7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro.

In front of me she behaves like a jesting Onee-san, but even so she’s a demon.
A witch.

She’s more understanding than other commanders, but she’ll by no means be lenient on a traitor.

If I deliver Jace to Sefiro like this, then it can’t be said that she definitely wouldn’t do the acts like the above-mentioned.

That’s why, if possible I wanted him to honestly explain his reason for betraying us here, but even so Jace held his tongue.

“It seems like the person behind you is even more ruthless than the commander, huh.”
“……w-why do you”

Jace makes a face that he just unintentionally let something slip.

“Even if it’s you, there’s no merit in betraying the commander with just a single brigade after all. It seems you did try taking the other brigade commanders as comrades, but even so with just that much war potential you would be subjugated soon. In that case, it’s natural to think that the treason plan is operating on the scope of the army corps no?”

“……as expected of the [Dagger of the Maou Army] huh. What’s frightening is that not just that magical power, even intellectual prowess was inherited from the Guardian of Hell Ronberg, correct.”

“I’m much obliged for your praise.”

“No, actually I have a high opinion of you. That’s why I left the capture of the impregnable Arsenum to you. Enough to report to [A certain personage] that we should let you as well join as a comrade you know?”

“Hou, I’m being valued very highly as well huh.”

“Ahh, that’s right. That’s why it’s not too late even now. How about it? Won’t you join our group?”

“Good grief, the standard speech huh……”

I let leak a sigh.

Having betrayed your allies, after being made to stand in a predicament, conversely inviting them to join their side.

A classical villain, in addition that’s an underdog’s remarks.

It’s unfortunate that this guy isn’t a kobold or a werewolf.

If he were a canidae monster or demon no doubt that underdog remark would suit him, and with the shape of that tail his true intent would be understood.

However, even without something like a tail I saw through this guys thinking.

Jace isn’t a simple goblin, he’s a man that put to work that resourcefulness, no, cunning and became vice-commander.

Pretending to flatter me, and throwing the poison knife hidden in his pocket and so forth, it was within expectation.


Jace who thought I had let my guard down said as such, and threw a knife.

I chant Super Sensemagic.

If you chant this magic, then the flow of time stops almost as if you have controlled time.
This is why the knife behaves in slow motion.

It wouldn’t matter if I used Barriermagic, then it would end like that, but for these things theatrics are important.

If I show the difference in overwhelming power, then with just that the opponent will despair.
Overwhelming fear is the most effortless method to make the opponent submissive.

I slowly caught the knife approaching hear between two fingers.

A feeling as though I’d become the main character appearing in a movie.
Jace too, opens those large eyes wide, surprised.
It seems like there was an effect of this excessive production.


His knees buckle, and he crumbles on the spot.

“Now then, with this you understand the difference in ability between me and you right. If you don’t want me to put into practice the torture I just spoke about, then obediently tell me the name of the guy that tempted you into betrayal.”

However, even this late in the game Jace kept his silence.
The guy pulling the strings in the back must be very frightening I guess.

“……ku, Ike. Just that I can’t say. If I spoke of that one’s name, then I’ll be killed by that guy.”

“Even if I hand you over to the commander like this the outcome will be the same.”

“……I don’t think so. After all, the commander in the end is lenient. Of course, she won’t forgive my betrayal I’m sure. She’ll punish me enough so that I’ll never again be able to go against her, and make me beyond recovery I’m sure, but even so I don’t think she’ll go as far as taking my life.”

“……I see.”

It seems he knows Sefiro’s personality well.

I said that stuff just before, but Sefiro does also have a ruthless side, but by no means is she a cruel person.

That’s why she set eyes even on a [Human] like me, and favored me from childhood.

Like this guy said, probably, she wouldn’t take as far as his life.

“Sheesh, despite the commander telling me I’m too soft, she herself has no self-awareness after all)

What do you mean that softness is my weakness.
When I vented grumbles towards the commander like that, an unusual event occurred.

All of a sudden, Jace,
while raising such a scream, he writhed in agony.

Holding his own throat, writhing in pain.
It seems like it’s not acting.
He spits up even bloody vomit.

I run up to him, and cast recovery magic on Jace.


However, there is no effect at all.
I hit upon a certain possibility immediately.

“……poison huh.”

From the fact that the green Jace’s face swelled purple, I was easily able to guess.

The personage manipulating Jace from behind, In preparation for if Jace betrayed them, or perhaps when he was captured, inserted a poison or something inside his body I’m sure.

“……this again is a stereotypical villain’s method right.”

While I thought as such, I cast detoxification magic on Jace.

“––––it’s useless.”

It seems like a considerably powerful poison was inserted.

If I could determine that poison’s kind, then I might be able to do something, but unfortunately I’m bad at that kind of magic.

However, it’s no use even if I say things like that.
As my final business I decided to ask the identity of the wire puller from Jace.

“Jace. That you’ve been abandoned, you understand at least that much right?”

Jace slightly nodded.

“If so, at the end, speak the name of the wire puller that enticed you to betray us. I’ll take revenge at least.”

When I said that, Jace mustered the last of his power, and spoke that person’s name.

“3rd Army Corps Commander……, du-dullahan Basteo……”

Those were the words One-eyed Devilkin Jace left behind.
While he uttered as such, a great amount of blood gushed out and he died.

It was a traitor’s natural fate, but seeing him cast aside so easily like this,I thought it pitiable.

It might be proof that my heart is still [Human].

This heart, occasionally it has held me back, but just that, I didn’t want to become a man like Basteo.


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    A smart mastermind would administrate a memory loss poison instead of lethal ones and give his subordinates a heads up about it so they can know they can escape intarigation and reveal his name without risking their lives. An old fashioned Ninja and dark ops method would be to have the poison capsule attached behind their teeth so that they can bite it and administrate the poison on their own accord.

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