A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C5

Hidden Top Decisive Battle





Crystal Tower First Floor.
A single hero had arrived.

When they entered the tower, Terry and Lily reacted first.
Although they’re still weak, from around when they rolled me in and formed Dragon Knight these two have wanted to grow or rather there it could be said their desire to improve is strong.

Well that’s fine, more importantly the hero.

The hero that arrived was young, a youth of approximately his teens.
His equipment was light armor, buckler shield, a long sword, what is called orthodox.
If you only saw that much he would be an ordinary hero, but there was one point different from other heroes.

He was trembling.
His knees were trembling, he swung the arm that held the sword.
His teeth were clattering to the extent that they beat out a beat.

Nervous……no afraid huh.

“I’ll do it. I defeat the monster”

He muttered while trembling, a hero who encouraged himself.

“I’ll defeat the monster and receive Selica’s father’s approval”

From hearing his mutterings the I vaguely feel the circumstances come into view.
Selica-chan or such is probably the girl he likes, this girl’s father thought this youth’s timidness dissatisfactory, and if you can exterminate the monster then I’ll approve you––––that kind of condition was probably set out.

A common reason, but that’s why I felt a bit of pity.

“Oi Ryu, what are you doing. Hurry up and come”
“It’s Dragon Knights turn”
“……I’ll pass, rather it’s fine for Terry to rest as well”
“That one, I think Lily can defeat him alone”
“Is that so?”
“Lily can even by herself?”

Lily and Terry were surprised by my words.

“Go and try Lily. If it’s no good then Terry and I’ll immediately follow you up after all”
“That’s right. I’ll root for you Lily”
“……un! Lily will do her best”

Lily full of enthusiasm holding her trident headed floated towards the hero youth.

As soon as she approached Lily thrust her trident. The youth promptly avoided it but he magnificently landed on his bottom.

“You know, hasn’t Lily’s movement become a little faster?”

Apparently, an effect that even Terry can understand has seemingly gone out.

The dungeon skill that has just been attached, Terrain Support Level 1.
The monsters within the dungeon are always continuously putting out power like they’re fighting in a terrain where, for that monster, they can show their highest power.
A continuous ability raise like thing.

Due to that effect, Lily became 10% stronger than usual.

To the hero youth that had fallen on his bottom, Lily, together with a sweet voice “Ei”, thrust her trident.


He didn’t guard, much less counterattack.
The youth threw down his long sword and crawling on the ground he ran away.

While being held by Yurie, I basked in the sun.
After the youth, no heroes came to Crystal Tower, a very calm time flowed.

Something like a new dungeon is like this.
There are various reasons that heroes invade dungeons; aiming for fame, being requested to subjugate the monsters that cause harm to the surroundings, defeating monsters and obtaining the raw materials for magic items, varied reasons.

All of those do not fall under a new dungeon.
Defeating monsters in an yet unknown dungeon won’t became reputation, in the first place since villages or towns aren’t being attacked a subjugation request won’t go out, the information on what kind of monsters are here hasn’t circulated either so they won’t come aiming for raw material either.

A new dungeon is in this way generally speaking has lots of free time.
Enough free time that I being on top of Yurie’s lap can completely melt.

This is nice……if this kind of time would continue indefinitely––––.


Crystal Tower’s doors were violently thrown open.
On top of Yurie’s lap I shift my eyes and confirm the invader.

The one who arrived was not a hero.

Long hair and black horns, bat like wings with high exposure bondage like clothing.
Just by appearing, releasing a thick, spilling like honey, erotic atmosphere diffused, a demon.

Succubus, a species of dream demons.

When they understood that what appeared was not a hero but a monster, most monsters on the first floor lost their motivation.

That succubus turned in a circle and surveyed the tower––––and for some reason she headed towards my direction.
With a brisk pace, while scattering seductiveness that would make a virgin ascend just by walking, she stopped before me.

“I’m Karen, just as I look a succubus”

Karen the succubus for some reason pinpointed me and talked to me.
What is she planning, while being suspicious I decided to name myself as well for the time being.

“I’m Ryu, just as I look a slime”
“This tower is a good dungeon right. Hey, will you give it to me?”
“……takeover huh”

Karen laughed with a grin, just a succubus’s smile’s amorousness is enough to make one shiver.

A Takeover is, when not a human, but a monster arrives, and challenges the dungeon boss to a duel for the ownership of the dungeon.
A situation that is sure to occur if there are living beings that make groups, even monsters are not an exception.
There are pretty much no exceptions but. Deep Forest, Blue Mountain, Silent Sea; places with legendary monsters and well known places, as one would expect reckless ones don’t appear.
On the contrary, new dungeons like this being aimed at for a windfall is more common.

“Fight with me. If I win this I’ll receive this dungeon, conversely if I lose––––”
“If you lose?”
“I use a succubus’s power fully and promise you paradise”

That’s not a bad deal.
Speaking of succubuses, even within the dream demons they’re a race that’s extremely well known. Depending on the individual not the body, but even the mind can be led to pleasure.

If you win then whatever kind of beauty or impossible pleasure is surely waiting.

“Sorry but, this place’s boss isn’t me”
“Ara? Then who?”
“That is this great me!”

From the stairs that continue to the second floor, basking in the spotlight and entering is Shesta.
The big mouse is appearing as always, striking a pose full of confidence.

“This Crystal Tower’s boss is this great me! Big Mouse Shesta”
“……was that so”

Karen compares Shesta and me, and understood easily.
Waking and scattering seductiveness as usual she headed towards Shesta.

“Should I once again introduce myself again?”
“No, I heard everything”
“I see. Then are those conditions fine then?”
“Well then, without restraint let’s go”

The conversation proceeds swimmingly, and the fight with the dungeon on the hang was decided.
The surrounding monsters watched over while holding their breath, towards Shesta their is absolute confidence gathered, but if the boss’s seat is at stake it can’t be helped that it becomes like that.

[Ahh, I’ll follow up]

It’s inconvenient if I don’t have Shesta receive the boss seat, so I prepared so that I could intervene whenever.

Leaping at each other is Shesta and Karen.


Shesta released an over exaggerated roundhouse kick. He likes those kind of moves, despite being a mouse.
Rather there’s no way that large swing is going to hit––––.


Raising a small scream, Karen was blown away.
She lands after being blown back, while sitting in a girl like manner “Oyoyo(cry cry)” she makes a crying pose.

“I was defeated”

Like that, she said it unnaturally.
……eh? What is that? What happened?

“Ha-hahahahaha, this is this great one’s true strength”
“I give up, as expected of this dungeon’s boss right”
“It’s fine if you understand. Well then, after losing is……mwuhuhuhu, you understand right”
“I understa~nd”

Karen stands up straight, and while still scattering sensuality she approaches Shesta.
Leaning on the big mouse’s body, while writing the character on his chest she says.

“The continuation is, in the boss’s room, ok”

Karen who is currying favor made Shesta get into a good mood, and he took her along ascending the stairs.
I who remained was absentminded but.

“As expected Shesta-san is amazing”
“Something like quickly turning the tables on the takeover”

The surroundings, praised Shesta.

As it is heroes aren’t coming, I’m half melting basking in the sun on the first floor when.


Suddenly from above, the face that appeared was Karen.
She who should have gone to Shesta’s room returned before one noticed, and sat right in front of me.

“……is Shesta’s thing already fine”
“Un. If it’s that mouse, then I showed him a proper good dream. Around this time he should be seeing a debauchery dream with beautiful mice around the world”
“I see”
“More importantly……why are you hiding?”
“……what are you talking about”
“Succubus you see, live in a half-mind world. Rather than the body’s pleasure, giving the mind pleasure is our true strength. And there is no existence that can conceal their power even in the mind world”
“Nee, why are you hiding?”

Like that it seems she’s seen through everything.
Coming to my location as soon as she entered Crystal Tower is that reason huh.
I didn’t conceal mind’s strength, I see a concept that neither human nor monster has.

I resigned myself, and stifling my voice I answered.

“Because I hate troublesome things”
“That’s why you conceal your true colors and stay here”
“That’s right”
“In other words, it’s a situation that as long as I don’t defeat you I can’t receive this dungeon right”
“……that’s right”

It’s become that sort of thing huh.

“Fight with me”
“No way, it’s a pain”
“Refusing is useless, I’ll have you fight with me even if it’s forcibly ok”
“I said it’s a pain––––”

Karen suddenly approached me. Her lips with good form block the slime me’s mouth.

In an instant, the scenery changes.

“Fufufufufu, well then, how great of a person is that slime-kun i won, der……”

A world where the world has completely changed, from the scenery to Yurie, Terry, Lily, and all the other monsters became objects, their color became negative, a mysterious world.

In that world, I looked down on Karen.
From a far height, if it were to speak of a building it would be from the degree of the twentieth floor.
I looked down on Karen who had practically become a speck.

“I-it’s a lie right……this is a lie right……”
“It’s the first time I’ve experience it, but this a succubus’s mental world huh. You become the size just like your soul strength kind of place huh”

In that mental world, Karen is a normal human’s size, I became a small mountain sized dragon.
Good grief, even though I was certainly a slime when I was born, being worked hard by Kaa-san, before I knew it it seems like my soul became dragon like.

“This strength……I’ve never seen it……”
“Well then––––”

I turn my line of sight towards Karen. With a start Karen stiffens her body.

“Since it’s special, for the sake of from now on as well I’ll punish you a bit”

Karen trembles with her knees quaking.
It’s an attack of the mental world, while being careful not cripple her, I punish Karen.

“We returned, huh”

The surrounding scenery became normal.
The color that turned negative returns, the monsters and the human Yurie once again began to move.

And then, Karen.


When I look at Karen from above Yurie’s lap, she lets out a scream and steps back.

“I’m sorryI’msorry I’ll never do it again so I’m sorry!”
“The effect was outstanding it seems”

“What happened Slime-sama”
” I just punished her a bit”
“Punished is it”

Yurie looks at Karen. Even now Karen is vigorously scared of me that she seems like she’ll have an accident.

“I’m sorry––––”
“If you do that any more and expose my true colors, then increasing it 3 times I’ll punish you”

Karen blocks her mouth with her own hand.

“Amazing huh……the great punishment was severe huh”
“I didn’t do anything considerable, of the things Kaa-san did to me, 10% just like that is all I did”

Yurie doesn’t seem to quite understand, it’s fine, not understanding well.
During that time, Karen made different faces all by herself.

After thinking of various things with a pale face, she drew close to me.

“U-ufu~n, Slime-kun. I, about Slime-kun, I like you. With Onee-chan won’t you do something ggood ?”

She flirted with me with all her might.
While sticking to several places, though her face is pale so she doesn’t have any of the sensuality from the beginning.

“Fun, like I thought succubus are no good huh”
“They’re the representatives of debauchery after all”
“Woman, like I thought it has to be elfs, in addition limited to those who have lived more than 100 years and are virgins”

The goblins in the surrounding were saying whatever they wanted, but if it’s like this then it won’t become a problem, it’s good.

“Good job, this is fine”

When I told Karen as such, since she had earned forgiveness she felt relieved.


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