A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C1

Rumors of the Secret Boss





Secret Crystal Tower First Floor.
It has the same interior design as the surface but the hue was subtly different, at that place I was there alone.
A just completed Secret Dungeon, first off is an ability check.

In the space where there was nothing I made my own double.
On the upper part of the slime body I hardened the flesh and endowed many barriers.

First I tackled it.
Bang! A sound rang out, my view flickering.
I understood that it became considerably firm and was satisfied.

After confirming the prerequisite, this time I took distance.

I release dragon power.
I put out my full power, and change the power into a dragon’s form.
I faced my own double, and I swung down the strongest blow.

Golden Dragon’s Forefoot(Final Strike).

The absolute death blow blew away my own double I made along with the multiple barriers, with the aftermath the tower was partially destroyed.

It was partially destroyed, but since the tower’s master was fine it’s gradually restoring.

I waited just like that. I purposely didn’t call from this side and waited.
When I did for a short while, Yurie came in.
My student, and once a sacrifice offered up to Deep Forest, a diligent girl.

“Wawa, it’s awfully broken. As expected of Slime-sama……”

Even then more than half has returned to normal though, that’s a pain so I didn’t say it.

“Rather than that, how was it Yurie”
“Yes, just like Slime-sama said, I was always at the surface, but I didn’t sense Slime-sama’s wave motion at all”
“I see”

I jumped up on Yurie and had her carry me, becoming the usual unwinding and training postures.

My student Yurie is able to sense the peculiar magic wave(there are times it’s called as rhythm as well) of my followers.
With the Secret Dungeon being completed, I had her check whether it leaked to the surface whenever I used power.

Blowing away my own double, furthermore even with a blow to the extent of partially destroying the secret dungeon, the wave motion didn’t leak to the outside.

If this is the case, then surely I’ll never be found by Alex.
Strictly speaking, magic power’s wave motion and the “Soul’s smell” that guy senses are different things, since previously I misled him doubt has come out in that guy’s self but.

Even so, in this way that it doesn’t leak to the surface is something thankful.

In a certain meaning, concerning my relaxing life, my number one enemy is Alex.
That guy that wants to by all means stand me on center stage and guide all of humanity is my enemy.
That’s why I want to run away from that guy, I don’t want to be found.
If I’m in this secret dungeon, it seems I can escape so I’m relieved.

“Waa, what is this, there was this kind of place”
“It’s interesting huh”

I heard voices I knew. When I look to the direction of the voices, like I thought it was Terry and Lily.
The both of them came in from the same place as Yurie. Without understanding what kind of place this is as well, they’re looking around the surroundings.

“Oh, you were there Ryu”
“You guys, why in this place”
“Mou, we were looking for you, you know. Ryu all of a sudden disappeared after all”
“But I thought, if we follow the sacrifice nee-chan then Ryu will definitely be there”
“Right now too, you’re slacking off right”
“No way, Slime-sama about my matter––––”

I restrained Yurie with telepathic communication.
This is also a technique of my followers, a technique to be able to converse with our minds between me and my pupils.

I didn’t inform Terry and Lily about my strength.
Since Yurie is similar to Alex she seems to dislike me being misunderstood, but from my point of view rather being misunderstood is something thankful.
I have no plans to undo the misunderstanding.

Within her mind Yuri apologized, “I’m sorry”, and like that closed her mouth.

“More importantly, what is this place?”
“Here is––––”

I worried about what should I do towards Lily’s question, but.

“I know. Here is that secret dungeon place right”
“Did you know Terry”

Regarding this I was surprised. I never thought the weakest, and having only attacking chaste girls in mass in mind goblin would know.

“Of course. If you say secret dungeon, then there’s also the legend of goblindes’s place of activity. A place yearned for by goblins”

Goblindes……ahh, that one in Blue Mountain, despite being on the same level as the boss his strength is no different from a normal goblin, that eccentric goblin.
It hasn’t been done until now, but goblindes lived in a secret dungeon.
If that’s the case, then Terry knowing isn’t strange.

Well then, if it’s become so then even more what should I do.

“That’s cheating Ryu”
“Keeping quiet to us and being in this kind of place”
“What do you mean Terry”
“A secret dungeon is where heroes who cleared the surface dungeon come. If you defeat heroes who are able to clear the surface how will it become do you think?”
“I see~, your fame will increasingly go up”
“Exactly! In other words Ryu––––”
“Was trying to monopolize the fame right!”

Eh!? No no, I never thought that kind of thing. Rather, it’s to the extent that something like fame, I want it to remain as 0. If I become famous then as much as I do, troublesome things will come dropping in. That’s why, something like fame, I don’t need it.

I really don’t need it, but that doesn’t seem to get through to Terry and Lily.

“That’s no good Ryu, when defeating formidable enemies it’s together”
“In spite of being a member of Dragon Knight, monopolizing is no good”

Like I thought it became like this huh.
The exact opposite with me, Terry and Lily have strong intention to rise in the world.
Including me and with three monsters forming “Dragon Knight”, and fighting with heroes.
The name is grandiose, but the breakdown is a slime, imp, and goblin, called low class monsters, in addition to that a single sacrifice human.
Most monsters see our matter as “playing”, and pleasantly watch over.

Really what should I do.

At such a time a single hero appeared.
A young hero who I don’t know by sight.

“Oh, without delay a hero came. Don’t be negligent”
“I understand. It’s a person having defeated that Shesta-san and entered the secret side after all!”
“”We’re Dragon Knight, Prepare yourself!””

Terry and Lily took up the challenge with the hero.
Holding the respective slime weapons I made.

The hero was weak, he was caught in a pincer attack by the two and defeated in one blow.

“No way, we defeated him……”
“What does this mean. Wasn’t entering here after the surface boss––––after defeating uncle Shesta”

No that’s it, I set it so that coming here without defeating the surface boss Shesta is no good.

The problem is, the fact that Shesta is generally weak.
Big Mouse Shesta, a man who’s just talk.

That weakness is even more than Terry and Lily!
Even if a hero who defeated Shesta is defeated between the two of them, there’s nothing strange.

“Naa, perhaps……”

Terry and Lily looked at each other, and fumu, broke into smiles.

“We, before we knew it got stronger didn’t we?”
“We’re Dragon Knight after all, this much is natural”

With a great victory in their first fight in the secret dungeon, their mood became grand.
I had a headache.
Being defeated, and a hero reviving in a village or town.

That guy firmly heard those two name themselves, “Dragon Knight”.
That is in other words––––.

Those kinds of misgivings I had were right on the mark.

The rumor that in Crystal Tower there were monsters called Dragon Knight stronger than Big Mouse Shesta, in a flash spread among the heroes.

Is it a life that can’t escape from fame going up I wonder…..me I mean.


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    1. 4 pencils

      The mouse was never strong to begin with, he never even experienced any actual fights since most of the time he’s just straight up KOed.


  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    Dragon Knight becoming a secret boss coz they are stronger than shesta but doesnt that mean every monster is a secret boss and the original secret bosses becoming a hidden mythical bosses. Ryu needs to decorate his secret dungeon so that he can relax in there like having a sunbathing area, hot spring(most novels have 1), boss room and bedrooms



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