A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C27


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Anyways, enjoy!

Fat Ant





Fire ant.
That egg, I gazed at the egg that will be born as the next queen, for the species it’s more important than anything, and I thought.

What Alistar said had some reason, if a fire ant learned the taste of monster even by chance they would eat the monster to exhaustion.
Their fertility and appetite are strong, in order to implement that their power is also strong.
Or rather, I’ve heard their adaptability is extremely amazing.

The teeth of carnivores and herbivores are different, each generation of fire ants will evolve their bodies in order so as to best be able to eat what they want.

Supposing they learned the taste of slime and were pleased with it, then they would self change evolve into something suitable to eat slime flesh.

[What kind of being will it become?]
[N? Ahh……their mouth will become a straw, or something? A slime’s body is jelly after all.]

I answer Yurie who broke into my thinking.
I don’t dislike conversing when I’m thinking.
It’s common to gain inspiration when conversing with people after all.

[T-that’s how it’ll become!? A straw mouthed ant……]
[To the very end it’s something I just came up with, ok. It’s not limited to becoming that. Since it’s tasty to freeze and eat, it might become that they wear cold air.]
[I-I see.]
[It’s about evolving suitably after all.]

And that’s become the problem.
If they’re suitable then they can eat efficiently, and then there’s a possibility of eating a race to exhaustion.

[If they come to like flowers, then will they become like Chris?]

I move my eyes to the top of my head, Yurie who was carrying like usual was staring at me with extremely surprised eyes.

[I-I’m sorry. Even if they come to like flowers, they won’t become like Chris right.]
[No……rather. ……fumu.]

Like I thought…….when you speak with people, your thinking jumps to unexpected ways.
I who gained a hint by conversing with Yurie thought.
What would be best to do, I thought once more.

The tenth day since protecting the egg started.
This day is the agreed tenth day.

Yui, Karen, Chris, Lucia, the four of them were protecting the outside of the dungeon.
Since the egg would soon hatch, if they fought inside a stray shot or something might hit the egg, so I had the four of them defend outside.

If it’s those girls I have piece of mind. If those four united their power, even though I can get past them I would meet considerable difficulty.
If it’s an average hero, then they won’t be able to enter either.

Within such an impregnable fortress, I along with Yurie was in front of the egg.
The egg moved thumpingly, a silhouette could be faintly seen on the other side of the shell.
It feels like it would hatch any time.

I took into my body the ingredients that Yurie carried for me one by one.
I expanded my body, and wrapped and took it in.

“With this it’s everything.”
“Un, it’s a full line up.”
“Ano…….is it really ok?”
“You’ve seen me do this before right?”
“I have but……that’s not what I mean.”
“If I fail I’ll think about it then. It’s a living being’s instinct, so it’s about leaving it to nature.”

While reluctant Yurie assented.
While doing that, the eggs pulsing became faster.
Together with the pulsing, the other side of the egg shone.

*Snap*, the egg cracked and split.
From the top a head poked out.

It was truly a bug, a form with a feeling of an ant.1
The size was about the same as a human baby, if you think of it as a bug it’s big, but thinking of of it as a monster it’s a size that’s anywhere.

It wriggled, it wriggled and tried to come out of the egg.
Since there was a hole made right above it tried to come out from above like that, but just as it’s half it body came out the the egg lost it’s balance, and the ant face planted on the ground.


Yurie and I, and the ant.
Time passed for a while with the atmosphere frozen.

Afterwards as if remembering, it wriggled again, and came out of the egg completely.


Being called by Yurie, I came to my senses.
I hopped and moved in front of the ant.

The ant looked up at me, though it was just born it had surprisingly brutal eyes.
Since it was a child I imagined a bit more round and cute eyes, but no such thing.

I who was stared at with those eyes, *pe, pe* spit out.

I took in all the prepared ingredients, and cooked them within my body.
I took them out one by one, and pile them before the ant.

That was a mountain’s worth of cake.
It’s been quite a while since I made cake, or rather it’s the first time since I reincarnated as a slime, but on the contrary since becoming a slime I became capable of cooking by taking the ingredients inside me and kneading and mixing them, I became able to make them more delicious than my human days.

I understood there was no problem with the results when I made cuisine for Lucia, the next step is if it’s suits it, huh.

The ant looks at me, looks at the taken out mountain’s worth of cakes.
It alternatingly compared us.

Eat it, eat it, I continued wishing that.
And then––––.

“Yui!? How dare you do that!”

From outside I heard the sounds of battle a scream, immediately after a single man rushed in.
Alistar Mars. Holding the alias god of war, the eternal second rank hero.

“I’ve come back slime! Now––––eh?”

Alistar who thrust a sword covered in blood at me became puzzled.
His feelings, I understand.
Having done something, Alistar who forcibly destroyed the seal I made with faster timing than proper. Most likely he was considerably rash surely.
Having only gone to that extent and come running, the scene reflected before him.

The figure of the ant eating the cake squirmingly.

“This is……what is the meaning of this?”
“It’s eating cake.”
“I understand that by looking!”
“Since I put in some secret ingredients, after eating it should become addicted.”
“Secret ingredient?”
“Secret ingredient.”

I parroted him and spoke, Yurie muttered, “It sounds like a dangerous secret ingredient……”.
While Alistar was surprised and bewildered, the ant continued to eat cake.
The various cakes I prepared, the hundred or so cakes.

It ate those.
Along with the progression of eating, the ant’s figure gradually changed.

The scary eyes rounded and became cute, the ominous bug took on roundness and became friendly.

If a critical person were to speak, a fatso, if a girl were speak, a “Cuuttee” form.

With each cake it ate, that form changes.

“You did this as well?”
“This is different. Fire ants adapt to suit their favorite food.”
“Because of that, cake?”
“Well yea.”

Though I did have a second plan if it didn’t go well……it’s no longer necessary.

“If they eat to exhaustion their favorite food then It’s just story of it being fine if you guide their taste right?”
“With this it’s already harmless right?”

Alistar lowered his weapon, and stared at me intently.

“What is it.”
“You……I know a man very similar to you.”

So he said.
Of course it’s about me, I didn’t say as such.
Alistar is strong, enough to be called the eternal second rank hero, he has enough strength to have always remained as the world’s second rank, but compared to Alex his danger level is little.
He didn’t notice that it was me after all.

While Alistar turned his body aside, he turned only his neck back and glance at me.

“This time I’ll withdraw with this.”
“You don’t know if the next generation might become dangerous.”
“You take responsibility, when you don’t I’ll come to destroy them.”
“I see.”

Yurie was obviously relieved when she knew that Alistar was withdrawing.
And with the issue being settled, Alistar who tried to leave.

“Ah, wait a moment.”
“What is it.”
“I’ll have you take responsibility for one thing as well.”
“Responsibility……what are you doing!?”

Alistar was shocked, he was surprise that I released my power.

“Rather than responsibility, it’s to settle things huh, injuring other people’s little sister, see.”

I ignored Alistar who tried to say something, and swung down a full powered dragon’s forefoot.Final Strike

Alistar was extinguished without leaving a trace, well, since it’s a hero that died within a dungeon he’ll resurrect at the resurrection point I’m sure.

Like this, the fire ant case was for the present settled.

1. Fire ant is usually written out in katakana, however here Ryu uses the Japanese word for ant

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