A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C10

Father’s Milk





“Ryuu, let’s go defeat heroes.”
“Let’s make a big impact as Dragon Knight today too.”

Secret Crystal Tower, my childhood friends Terry and Lily came around.
The two of them looked at me––––more accurately speaking, the baby dragon mounted on top of me, Kaa-san’s reincarnation, and marveled.

“Oi Ryu, what is that.”
“It’s a baby dragon right. Where did it come from?”
“……it’s my kid.”
“My kid you say, Ryu bore it huh.”

Mixing in a sigh I nod.
It was just a bit of a joke though.

“That’s cheating Ryu. Running up the stairs of adulthood all by yourself.”
“Ehhhhh!? Lily’s an Oba-chan at this age? Will I be called an Oba-chan?”
“Don’t go agreeeing.”

I raise my voice and retort.
Me the slime, and in contrast to that, on top of my head is a legendary golden dragon––––generally a dragon.

“Eh? What’s strange?”
“What’s strange you say, I mean it’s a dragon, this kid.”
“You’re a dragon too aren’t ya.”
“That’s why we’re Dragon Knight, Lily and co.”
“……that’s how it was huh.”

Within the two’s recognition it seems that it’s normal that I’m a dragon.

“Ah but, if there’s two dragons, then we can make a dragon knight party right.”
“Oh that’s true huh. Me and Lily, if the two of us ride dragons, we’ll be cool.”
“Alright, let me try getting on for a bit.”

Terry took down Kaa-san from above my head, and just like that tried to mount.


Kaa-san reacts furiously, and bites at Terry’s ankle.


Terry seized the ankle that was bitten, and toppled over.
Just like that Kaa-san returns, and hid behind me.

“Ahaha, she’s a daddy’s girl huh that kid. Like this it’s no good huh, double dragon knight.”
“Worry more about me, won’t you.”

The muttering Terry, it’s good that the gnawed wound wasn’t serious.


Suddenly my body floated. It floated just a subtle bit.
When I wondered what it was, Kaa-san had slipped in under me.

Like crawling under a futon, she slips in under me, and like that tries to get up.
However, trembling, it doesn’t go well.

“What’s wrong, what do you want to do?”
“If I’m going to give someone a ride then Otou-san, is what it is isn’t it.”

I look at Lily, and I look at Kaa-san who has slipped under me.
Through my half transparent slime body I meet eyes with Kaa-san.

“It seems so, huh.”

There were no words, but I felt like it was like Lily said.
It should be me if someone’s gonna ride, that was Kaa-san but was my body to big for her small just born body, Kaa-san was trembling.


That sound resounded, and she ended up squashed by me.

Kaa-san is wrapped engulfed by my slime body, and within that she advances up.
Like an air bubble rising from the bottom of a river, Kaa-san returned to the top of my head.

She returned to her original pose on top of me.

Thereupon I thought I should leave the calmed Kaa-san like this for the time being.

“But I see, Ryu’s a dad. From now on it’s daily child raising for a while, huh. Seems rough.”
“Maa, it’ll work out somehow I’m sure.”

I know of the precedent that is Yui.
Her diapers, more accurately I who have taken the shell stuck to her hatched out body, know the example of the growth of a golden dragon.
Kaa-san as well, won’t be raised by me for long, it should no hassle.

I’m accustomed to raising people and living beings, it’s simply that my company has increased by one for a while.


Suddenly a sound rang out, from the top of my head Kaa-san slipped off.

“Oi are you ok?”

I tried asking, but there was no reply.
Kaa-san’s eyes became x’s, and she sunk into the floor.

“What’s wrong all of a sudden.”
“She’s become hungry no?”

Being told that by Terry, I look at Kaa-san.
Her eyes are x’s and her tongue is sticking out, her limbs stretched out she’s worn out.

“I see, that might be true––––”


Painting over all the other circumstantial evidence, the strongest proof reverberated through Secret Crystal Tower.

“She’s hungry right.”
“I said that didn’t I.”
“Seems soo. Nee Ryu, what do baby dragons eat?”
“That’s……what was it?”

Now that they mention it, what was it, I search my memory.
When I was a baby––––in other words what I ate the time I was an infant is of course wrong.
However right now is, immediately following birth I’ve was 100% a slime after all.

Not me, what did Yui eat.

“Dragon’s milk.”
“Eh? Ah, Yui.”

When did she come, Yui pouted and stood a ways away.

“Dragon’s milk. When we’re children only that will become nourishment.”
“Dragon’s milk, that which Kaa-san made, huh.”
“Yea. Extra-high concentration condensed magic power, otherwise Dragon’s milk.”
“That was made with magic power huh……”

That was completely the first time I heard that.
I’ve seen the scene of Kaa-san giving that to Yui before.
Kaa-san stretched out her fore leg, and from that claw it dripped.

At that time, I thought it was dragon blood or something.

“It’s fine if I condense magic power right?”
“Un, however.”
“When Onii-chan attacks, you have that where you swing down a forefoot right.”
Golden forefootFinal Strike is it.”
“Un, squeeze about a hundredfold of that of magic power.”

Me staring blankly, Yui with a serious face.

“A hundredfold of that. Can’t I reduce it? There’s no need to make that much at one time right.”
“You’re misunderstanding Onii-chan.”
“With that it’s one drop’s worth after all.”

Oi oi, Kaa-san fed that to Yui by the gulp?
A hundredfold of Final Strike is one drop’s worth, what the heck––––.


Kaa-san’s stomach growled once again, with an even louder sound than before.

They x eyes returned to normal, they were clear eyes, however they wistfully wavered.

“……lets do it.”

Silently Yui picked up Terry and Lily, and went out from Secret Crystal Tower together.
Yui’s way of being considerate……right. I’m concealing my power even to Terry and Lily.

If the table’s set up that much for me, then there’s no way I can’t do it, huh.

I close my eyes, take a deep breath.

Flash––––I open my eyes wide, at the same time release my magic power for the time being.

A hundredfold of Final Strike.

First off I release all the magic power I have.
The magic power that went through my body filled Secret Crystal Tower.

The magic power concentration steadily went up, becoming like fog.
Thick fog covered Secret Crystal Tower, before long it became a fog where you couldn’t even see your stretched out hand.

I’m drained, it’s been a while since I overexerted my magic power.
However, it’s enough with this.

After releasing an equivalent amount of magic power of a hundredfold Final Strike, this time I inhaled it.
My slime body swells up like a balloon, and I take in the magic power inside my body.
When I took in all the magic power I released temporarily, my body swelled up nearly ten times it’s base.

Now it’s compression.
In order to return to my original body size I compress it.

From the inside of my body I felt a staggering resistance.
It’s like compressing air, however in order to compress that 10 times there’s a large resistance.

With all my power I condensed the swelling magic power.

Around when my body that swelled up 10 times returned to normal size, within my body a single drop of “Dragon’s Tear” was made.
I took that out of my body, and held it out in front of Kaa-san’s face.


Though Kaa-san was completely worn out, the instant she saw the dragon’s tear she regained her energy, and with speed that couldn’t be caught with eyes she snapped that up.
In the blink of an eye Kaa-san who ate the dragon’s tear regained her energy, lively enough to frolic once more with me.

I was exhausted, and a bit withered.
Even moving is bothersome, so I let Kaa-san do what she wanted.


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      1. Belkar

        I think it’s because it was exhausting enough to make him ‘cry’ and since he still considers himself male (slimes are sexless) feeding a baby dragon his ‘milk’ is just in poor taste so to speak.


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