A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C13

Mother Dragon and Hime





Time flows back a little, Deep Forest’s Central Part.

The forest’s master, Mother Dragon was enshrined there like always.
There was a single girl in front of her eyes.
Her best friend of some thousand years, the Vampire Hime.

“My lifespan will run out.”
“Oh my.”

Even with the devastating truth announced from her close friend, Hime was not surprised.

“About when is that?”
“Within a few days.”

“I seee, and, what are you going to do this time?”
“As always, can I leave my egg to you?”

Hime crosses her arms, tilts her head and thought.

“What’s wrong. Is it not the same as until now? What need is there to worry.”
“Un? Ah that’s right, huh. Since your life span is ending, you’re returning your flesh until an egg and reincarnating. These thousand years it’s something you’ve done numerous times, right.”
“Umu. Immediately after reincarnating I’ll be weakened. I want you to to protect that.”

Even so Hime, crossed her arms and tilted her head.

“Since it’s rare, this time won’t you entrust it to a bit of a different place?”
“A different place?”
“Un! A place safer than mine––––probably the safest place in the world.”
“You’re kidding––––”

With a grinning, teasing expression Hime poked Mother Dragon with her elbow.

“Ryu’s lo ca tion.”
“Ryu, is it……”
“That’s not it. He’s my son, I know well his capabilities.”
“Then a maiden’s mind?”

At the place where Hime was standing, a completely unforewarned gigantic crater was made.

Hime who had been standing there just before transformed into fog and avoided the attack, and once more returned to human form.

“Ahahaa, don’t be so shy.”
“Don’t say absurd things.”
“Was it absurd?”
“……such things unbecoming of our age
at all.”
“If it’s about age, then it’s fine!”

Hime stuck out her thumb, and winked.

“In the human world there’s an attribute called Lolibabaa.”
“What is that.”
“Previously the goblin––––what was their name. Well, whatever. I heard it from someone of the goblins, but ones like us are called lolibabaa, and are popular if it’s romance. That’s way it’s fine not to worry about age see.”
“You’re language is failing.”
“I look like this after alll, no matter how much time passes, my heart is young see.”

Without any timidness, Hime speaks provocative words.
Due to their long relation, Mother Dragon who knew that their was absolutely no spite in her lines secretly sighed.

“I understand the topic. But, even bearing that in mind it’s impossible.”
“Ryu is too depraved. It’s impossible for him to become a target.”
“Fumufumu. Since that’s a preference problem, it can’t be helped right.”

Hime said that and for the moment withdrew but, immediately *Pon*, claps her hands together.

“Then it’s fine if it’s being brought up.”
“Being brought up?”
“Un, secretly, from the position of a child be raised by Ryu. Since Ryu was born, it’s the first reincarnation right? In other words, Ryu will see the child you for the first time.”
“Feign being a child, and it will be fine if you stealthily guide him. Look, even they’re pushed by their parents without consultation they’ll rebel, but if it’s for a child’s sake then they’ll grow as parents right?”

Mother Dragon kept silent.
However that expression is understand by Hime who has associated her for many years.
Thinking I see, it’s an expression when she’s verifying the minute possibilities.

“It’s something I ought to do, is it.”
“I think soo.”

Hime with a grinning expression identical to just before.
However, her tone had unusually changed into a serious one.

“Even now if you speak of just strength, then beside Ryu is the safest place but. If it were more properly brought up, then it’s an outstanding that could obtain the world, Ryu is.”
“……does it look like that.”
“Ahahaa, stop kiddiing.”

Hime once more with a grinning expression poked her with her elbow.

“Despite thinking like that even more than mee.”

Mother Dragon who kept silent.
Determination appeared in those eyes.

Ryu, a dragon in slime’s clothing.

An outstanding talent that can obtain the world, in order to guide him into a proper direction.

Mother Dragon, resolved.

“Ah, if he’s properly raised then let me taste him as well ok.”
“Don’t laze off, help.”
“Ahahaa, in my own way okk.”

Mother Dragon and Hime.
The two’s wicked scheme, Ryu still hasn’t noticed.


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    1. Easykiln

      I don’t think she’s fallen for him, but has some interest as she’s a dragon that Revere’s strength and he’s one of the few existences that can match up to her.

      Also because incest is fun!

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      1. Xefil zhen

        hope you get well soon, take your time i just anxious thinking the project got dropped cause this novel is very interesting


  1. Rabbit

    hello xiose, how are your health problem, do you need an editor to help you with the translation? maybe i could help in editing, i am worried about you and your project which really interesting to read.


  2. Reman Scimitar

    Well now, why do I get this itchy feeling Kaa-san is an S on the outside but an M in her heart? (esp when it’s about Ryuuto).

    And on the side note, kinda curious if they knew he was originally human to start off.



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