A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C11

The Power to Protect One’s Child





Crystal Tower, First Floor.
I wasn’t in the hidden side, I came out here to the surface.

Kaa-san clung to the top of my head.
Treating me like a zabuton, she curled up on top of my head and slept.

Yurie who usually held me was in exchange made to hold an offshoot of me that I made.

Being here was for the sake of absorbing the remains of battle.

After a hero’s and monster’s battle, magic power and life force is left behind in the air, they hang in the air.
I stealthily absorb that, and little by little convert and compress it.
Making it into dragon’s tear, creating Kaa-san’s meal.

If I don’t do that, and make it at my own expense it’s really harsh after all.

Almost like charging magic power of a big technique, I accumulate magic power while standing still.

“Oi Ryu, you fight too.”
“Sorry, this kid’s like this so I can’t fight see.”
“That’s right, don’t say the unreasonable Terry.”
“Che, guess it can’t be helped.”

Both Terry and Lily who met the heroes that came to attack invited me, but when I spoke of Kaa-san they immediately pulled back.

Being able to boldly slack off without participating in battle, and since it’s fine for me not to do anything, there’s no worry about being my true strength being exposed.
Since there’s two merits, child rearing Kaa-san isn’t bad.

Although I said that.

“……what are you doing in that kind of place Yui.”

Different from the two of Dragon Knight, Yui was peeking over here from the shadow of a distant pillar.
She was hiding in the shadow of the pillar, but she was letting out some weird aura, so she wasn’t hidden at all.

“I-I’m not doing anything.”
“In that case without staying in that kind of place, how about participating in battle?”
“Are you telling me to fight!?”

I think a bit.

“Yui as well is always telling me to fight right? Have the pride of a golden dragon or such.”
“Uuu! Onii-chan you fight too.”
“No, that’s impossible.”

I rotate my eyes towards the top of my head, a small Kaa-san is sleeping.

“There’s no way I can fight in this kind of situation right?”
“It’s possible, if it’s Onii-chan it’s possible!”
“No no……”

Of course if I’m told to do it then it’s possible, but no matter what it’ll be a fairly amazing impression.

While keeping Kaa-san on top of my head, a fight pretending to be a weak slime……the degree of difficulty is outrageously high.
In the first place, it’s a case that there’s no such slime that exists that can do that.

“In that case Kaa-sa––––I’ll look after that kid.”

Yui came this way, and reached her hand out to Kaa-san.


Kaa-san raised her head as if she was repelled, and snapped at Yui extended hand.
Right away Yui withdrew her hand, and it finished without her getting bitten.

“No no no, Yui, it’s best to stop growling in that form.”

A valuable beautiful girl comes to nothing.

“What! Do you intend to be that one’s ally?”
“Though it’s not like that……”
“Uuuu! Whatever! Onii-chan you idiot! Gesu! Mollusc!”

Yui stamped her feet, and turned red and left.
If I were human, then it would become an insult but.

“Even if you say mollusc……I’m slime after all.”

I could only make a bitter expression.
Just before ascending the stairs, Yui who took her leave turned towards here.


And while once more stamping her feet, yelled out.

That which was filled with more feeling than before became a shock wave and came rushing.
I held my ground, however Kaa-san who was on top of me tumbled down.

Her small and round body went rolling.

“Though this dungeon does not amount to much……however as long as I’m ordered, then I’ll strip it bare and investigate!”

There, a hero with plenty of presence arrived.

A one piece with tights, small statured haughty girl.

“Oh no!”
“That’s Athena!”
“The Hero King’s third generation!”

She has come before to attack, my student’s student, Athena of the third generation.
Kaa-san lightly rolled in front of her eyes.

“You are an obstacle, first I’ll start from you––––”

When I noticed I had shouted, and then I released the accumulated magic power.

The magic power that I had collected 80% of was released in one go, and struck Athena.


That kind of sound was heard, and Athena vanished without leaving a trace.

Kaa-san was safe, after she rolled, she got up and slowly returned to my spot.

The surroundings fell silent, their gazes concentrated on me.

……this is bad.

It was seen, that just now was seen.
This is bad, what should I do.

“Oi Ryu, what was that just now.”
“Somehow an amazing beam came out you know?”

Terry and Lily came around, and made extremely surprised expressions.

The surrounding monsters were like that as well.

“Did you see that just now?”
“Ryu shot it right?”
“You were that strong?”

This is bad this is bad, this is really bad.
Somehow, somehow an excuse––––.

“It’s a charm Kaa-san gave me, see.”

Inside my body I created a suitable charm like thing, and *pe* spit it out.

“A secret weapon that can only be used when protecting a child.”


The gazes converge, the silence continues.
Kaa-san unconcernedly clambered up.

Gu, is it forced––––.

“I see, Mother Dragon’s charm.”
“Well of course, it’s in order to protect her grandchild of her unreliable son after all.”
“Even for Mother Dragon, a grandchild is cute huh.”

The silence broke, and noisily voice rose from all around.

I-I’m saved…….
Having deceived them somehow, I, for the first time in a while was extremely relieved.

1. The kanji for mollusc reads soft body animal.

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