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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C4

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Isthmus Assault





It seems the 2nd army corps commander Jet Black Winged Gelmoir magnificently got taken in by the plan.

There’s the fact that beforehand I informed him of the weakness of Rosaria’s major city Aleste, but that he’s envious of our 7th army corps’s activity is also a big reason.

The orc staff officer Jiron comes to ask me.

“But, Boss, if that Gelmoir seizes Aleste, what will you do?”

“I’ll think about it when the time comes. Maou-sama’s territory will increase again. That’s all.”

––––Although, most likely, such a thing won’t happen I’m sure.

Gelmoir of the 2nd army corps is known for being strong and cruel, but for that reason Aleste city’s inhabitants will also desperately resist I’m sure. Continue reading


The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C3

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Lilin Lilith and Ryujin Jigan’s Surprise ††





†† (Lilith and Jigan’s Point of View)

As the council of war ends and the commanding officers go out of the conference room, only Lilith and Jigan didn’t get up.

They were dumbfounded by plan Ike thought of.
After being silent for a while they cross their lines of sight.

“––––what do you think?”

The one who starts talking is Lilith.
Jigan replies with a solemn expression.

“I have no words. That person’s ingenuity is beyond my comprehension.” Continue reading

The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C2

Sorry about disappearing, life is still as busy as always and I don’t expect it to get better for the next 2 weeks either, sigh. I had some extra time I squeezed out, so here’s an update! Also 2 more chapters to be posted as soon as I finish formatting them! Enjoy!

The Undead Brigade’s Council of War





As I return to the town of Ivalice I gather the top brass and set up a council of war.
The top brass gather around the round table in my mansion.

Sati pours black tea to each of the executives and distributes cake.
A pleasant fragrance covers the round table.
When I see that Sati has finished distributing black tea and tea cakes I gaze at the executives.

First I glance at the orc staff officer Jiron.
Even though he’s a staff officer he doesn’t look like one at all.
In the first place I don’t ask this guy about strategy and tactics.

No, there are times I ask when I hesitate occasionally, but on those occasions I always adopt that opposite of Jiron’s opinion.

Since if I do that it’ll definitely succeed.
In that sense, he’s an indispensable personnel for this undead brigade.
In addition, though this man is incompetent he has charm and loyalty.
In a battlefield some time ago, in order to protect me he took an arrow.
Even now that arrow wound should be left.
Continue reading

The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C1

Screw Making





7th Army Corps Brigade Commander Ike––––

Until a few days ago, a familiar title, but now “Brigade” has disappeared from brigade commander and changed into “Assistant”.

I am in a position to be called assistant commander from my subordinates, but what I did didn’t differ much from what I have done until now.

At most it’s coming to sit next to Sefiro at the periodic army corps meeting.
Also it’s come to be that the other brigade commanders acknowledge my superiority.

Even Beio who until now had been overflowing with hostility until now, as one would expect came to recognize my strength.

When we pass by each other in the corridors of Sefiro’s castle Barencelle as well, that guy started making way for me. Continue reading

The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C35

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Smile and Black Tea





The duel with Basteo ended in complete victory, but it’s not like there were no problems.

Due to me winning, two problems arose.

The first problem was Basteo’s punishment.

Not long ago, Basteo and the zombie soldiers were scattered away by my magic, but actually Basteo is alive.

To be exact just his head is going strong.

Thinking taking as far as his life was pitiable, I left just the head, but even so, “Curse you, damn youngster!” telling him whatever he wanted.

Well, as a head he can no longer cause mischief I’m sure. Continue reading